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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by pallid-panda, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    Hello everyone! I just recently started drawing anthros and actually drew my first one today. I really want more practice so I am taking requests. Also really new to these forums so I'm still figuring it all out so bear with me please.

    I only have one example and will be messing around with styles a bit because I'm just starting out. It's not first come first serve it'll be which ones appeal to me. Thank you c:

    It'll take a few days for me to finish the requests because life and such but I love everyone's designs so far so will try to do them all! Key word try though ahaha

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  2. For being your first, she looks pretty good!

    If you're interested, it would be cool if you could draw my Frostbyte.
    That's fine if you don't feel like it, of course, and you can draw him however you want.

    Here's a ref sheet:
  3. Kesh231

    Kesh231 New Member

  4. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    Cool, I'll give it a shot
  5. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    Oh boy, all sorts of different critters, was expecting more doggies and kitties but I'll give it a shot!
  6. Haha, I would have expected something like that too!
    But anyway, thanks and good luck!
  7. Kesh231

    Kesh231 New Member

    Heh thanks, I'm more of a scaly than a furry, but I appreciate the art work all the same! I liked the style from your first drawing, so I was hoping you'd take exception to a dragon. I'm just no good at drawing anything remotely humanoid. Good luck friend!
  8. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

    You can draw sergal?
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  9. julievee

    julievee Member

    I would love if you tried my headhunter named Cahaya. She was inspired by the Dayak tribes and is a mixture of Sunda Clouded Leopard, Great Argus, and Hornbill.
    She has a fascination with blood and skulls and carries her husband's skull and her husband's killer's skull with her. ;P She can be drawn as either feral or anthro


  10. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    You willing to do a couples piece?
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  11. Hey, looks like you're getting a lot of requests. It's up to you, but feel free to do someone else's instead of mine if you get too many requests right away :3
  12. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    Well I can try, just started anthro drawings and stuff so I'm willing to try all sorts of stuff right now and see what I can and can't do. It'll be a bit though. c: Thank you though I appreciate it.
  13. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    I dunno, could maybe try?
  14. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

    Do you use only full-body or do you also do face shots?
  15. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    I can try out a face shot c:
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  16. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

    That's nice. Should always broaden your horizon as an artist. It'll make people flock to you like, flocky things do.

    Besides. I see a lot of potential here.
  17. WolfyJake

    WolfyJake Professional Cuddlefluff

    Your drawing looks really good! If you can find the time, I'd like it if you could make something for me.
    Do whatever you want with him, as long as it looks like him, I'll be happy :p
    I'll put my reference sheet down here:
    b1 - Copy (3) - Copy.png
  18. khoufu

    khoufu Member

  19. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    I could give it a try
  20. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

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