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    How about...

    Hugging or sitting together?
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    I don't really have any full body pics of my fursona's anthro form so I'll include an additional reference of his feral form.
    feartiger.deviantart.com: Sleeping Fear
    feartiger.deviantart.com: Sitting Fear

    As far as bottoms go pants are optional, though when he does where pants he wears a pair of old tattered, dark jeans. Perhaps a good pose suggestion would be him simply holding his wooden keyblade.
  3. pallid-panda

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    pallid-panda.deviantart.com: Frostbyte

    Here ya go c: Trying new styles sorry it's not full body hope you like it!
  4. Crimson_Steel17

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    Hmm... sure, why not? Take your pick as to type of shot (I don't have much art of Crimson at the moment). Your mission, should you choose to accept it: make something you enjoy to represent Crimson... just don't forget about me (xD)! Here's a ref: Crimson Steel Final Concept.png
  5. Definitely do!
    He looks quite sexy in that pose.
    And don't worry, I don't complain about free art.
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    My recently-created second OC is open if he appeals to you — shy fennec boy ^^.
    He's only recently been given life, so unfortunately I don't have any images of him. But I can give a description…

    Name: Kune
    Species: Fennec
    Gender: Male
    Expression: Shy, a little vulnerable. Not blushing, but looks like he perhaps should be. Small smile. Head angled downward slightly and slightly turned away, eyes looking up at camera. Overall looking very shy and very sweet ^^

    A very simple, plain, and vanilla fennec, the simpler the better!

    Color optional! (His fur is two colors if interested — a pale cream, the main color, and a paler cream that looks white in comparison, for his tummy and so on. His eyes are almost definitely blue.). Don't mind if the legs are skipped, too.

    Profile Extract (if it helps):
    Kune (roughly pronounced "koon") is a young, thin, cream-colored fennec-boy. He is very shy, nervous, awkward, introverted, naı̈ve, a little curious, and slightly soft-spoken. He is short, especially when placed amongst the tall, slender, extroverted and hot-headed females he often finds himself getting into trouble with, easily overpowered, ticklish, and especially easy to scare. At his heart, however, he is kind, sweet, caring, affectionate, and has a lot of love to give.

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