Taking risks and meeting new people (Lemme smash?)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PlusThirtyOne, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    it's raining lightly outside, there's a slight breeze and it's super comfy out there so i went for a walk. i just got steroid injections on my lower back yesterday so i'm stiff, in pain and i needed a walk so i waddled across the street and got some hot tea. On my way back home i noticed something pretty dope. One of my neighbors on the top floor set up his 70" plasma screen on the wall outside on the balcony across the parking lot from mine. This dude is kicked back on the floor or reclined (out of view), playing SMASH Bros:Melee.

    Fucking. Boss.

    i'm sorely tempted to waddle my crippled ass over there with my Gamecube controller, knock on his door and ask, "Wanna SMASH?"

    Most of the residents in my neighborhood are foreign so i don't even know if he speaks English. Language barriers aside, i don't do well meeting new people. Funnily enough, i work(ed) in customer service and i have no problems making acquaintances if i'm in control. My pain medication makes me want to socialize...but again, i don't speak Hindi, Swahili or Arabic and since i can't see the dude playing, there's a 75% chance i'd be wasting my time.

    And before anybody says, "They probably speak English, even if they're foreign, you racist!", i say, "NOPE!". i can't understand accents. Unless your accent is 'Murican, British or Aussie, i can't make heads or tails of your words. ...especially if push comes to shove and the matches get hot. i can't even understand half the obscene my 'Murican friends say during SMASH!
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  2. Kezi Avdiivka

    Kezi Avdiivka Active Member

    I got blue
  3. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    You want yellow?
  4. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Logically chaotic and twice as charming

    Wanna smash our contact info together? :p
  5. lutherhoward86

    lutherhoward86 New Member

    I hope you get to break the barrier,talk to them and know them better and be great friends with them.Have a fun day. :)
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  6. Jarren

    Jarren You can't just quote yourself! -Me

    Blue and yellow?
  7. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

  8. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    For a second there I thought you were referring to furries and was going to suggest taking protection (of more than one type) but since it's just the guy up stairs I say no worries and just bowl right over with your controller and some snacks.
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