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  1. Xeras'na Bladewing

    Xeras'na Bladewing Guardian of the Twilight Realm

    Ouran High School Host Club is indeed hilarious.

    Ah, Panty and Stocking, another riot of a show.

    Both great anime.

    I actually want to see Hellsing now...
  2. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public

    I think Baka and Test is pretty damn hilarious. Cromartie High school is another favorite.
    Soul Eater came off too typical when I saw the first couple of episodes.

    Sword Art Online is neat better than the .hack series (which was like cosplayers babbling about nothing) -it's more multi arc than 2 arcs actually.
    Did like Gantz

    Claymore was ok but I still feel Berserk is much more epic. Berserk Manga 100x more

    Been starting on Level E
    I've also been enjoying Tiger and Bunny

    I wish there was more of Guin Saga. It's based on very popular novels and I know the anime just scratched the surface.

    Tower of Druaga (1st part of the series) was really funny.
  3. Completely forgot about Cromartie High. I need to watch that again
  4. xstonerwolfx

    xstonerwolfx New Member

    Samuri champloo and Desert punk are both fucking awesome and are both on netflix, check it out
  5. ErikutoSan

    ErikutoSan New Member

    I'm going through my Obssesive fangirling Naruto phase,

    I also like FML:Brother hood.
    Kore wa Zombie desu ka
    Shirokuma cafe :3
    Shining tears x wind
    (I'm not sure if Avatar the Last Air bender counts)
  6. Grunnolf

    Grunnolf Raver

    avatar the last airbender was crappy to be honest i hated it
  7. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public

    I had avoided the show at first because I thought it was one of those "wannabe anime" shows. However after going through it it turned out to be better than most anime series. Koreans are animating better than the Japanese. Korra took it up a notch as well.
  8. Imperial Impact

    Imperial Impact The Imperial Juicer

    >F+Ctrl Macross 7

    Wow FAF Wow...
  9. ElectricBlue1989

    ElectricBlue1989 Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

    From the makers of Mach GO GO GO (aka the original Speed Racer)...

    If you're a retro-1980s fiend and a car nut, this is for you:

    Yoroshiku Mechadoc (What's Up Mechadoc)


    Details galore, not just with car stuff...

    ...but also what it takes to make amazing cars!

    You actually learn car stuff like aerodynamics!

    Like Mach GO GO GO, DVD prices for this niche-anime are ludicrous.
    The series is enjoyably light-hearted and fun, clearly taking place in the early-80s (series made in 1984, based on the manga from about 1982-1983). I watched the whole series (30 episodes), in Italian and got a good idea what was going on. Sometime you forget you're watching an anime!

    Here's the sweet Japanese intro:
  10. Xeras'na Bladewing

    Xeras'na Bladewing Guardian of the Twilight Realm


    Another great anime.
  11. Also, if anyone hasn't seen Paprika yet, do it. It's fantastic.

  12. Xeras'na Bladewing

    Xeras'na Bladewing Guardian of the Twilight Realm

    I need to check that out. If we're talking anime movies now, then I'll share one of my favorites.

  13. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public

    I miss Satoshi Kon...
  14. DragonFU

    DragonFU The Legend of FU

    Lots of good stuff recommended in this thread, I just started Soul Eater since it's on Netflix (and dubbed so I can draw while watching) I like it so far. I don't think there's any anime I actually hate so I end up really liking a lot of it.

    I like FLCL, Golden Boy, Gurren Lagann, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, Naruto, Afro Samurai, Slayers, Fairy Tail, Desert Punk, Trigun, Last Airbender and Gravitation of course. TwT
    Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, B Gata H Kei, and Lucky Star for less action.
    And this cute movie about dinosaurs called
    You Are Umasou.

    anime fkyea ...
  15. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public

    There is a Gon anime btw.
  16. ElectricBlue1989

    ElectricBlue1989 Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

    One of the last car animes (or just about any anime) to be drawn old-school-style was the following:


    The image above was my introduction to the series while browsing the 'anime' section on a video-rental store a long time ago. Do you know how mind blowing it was for a car-nut kid to find anything animated about cars, besides Wacky Racers and Speed Racer? And in such detail to boot!!


    In a (not-too) distant future, were people consider automobiles and driving to be obsolete and would rather be driven by 4-wheeled automated machines, it's the éX-Drivers, with skills and conventional machinery, that keep said machines in check when they go haywire.


    It's only 6 episodes. The one I was a little disappointed was the episode 4. Double entendre, unnecessary exhibitionism ruins what could have been a great episode where the motorcycle and the éX Rider shines. In the episode's defense, the end-credits songs got slightly tweaked to honor the éX Riders.


    Yes, there was a movie, but sadly, the animation is in that anime CGI. I got the movie before I got the DVDs of the series.


    True story, I bought 'em dirt cheap used from a Blockbuster in a nearby town, since it seems they were nixing most of the anime (BOO!! No wonder they're losing revenue!!). I lucked out and found both volumes. Even with a little sun-bleach, they were in good condition.

  17. DragonFU

    DragonFU The Legend of FU

    I'm assuming it's the most awesome thing ever until I watch it and form an opinion.
  18. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    Dead leaves was pretty interesting to say the least. I also bought Steam Boy and My Neighbor Totoro a few years back and still havnt watched either.
  19. DragonFU

    DragonFU The Legend of FU

    I watched Dead Leaves the day before yesterday, I found it hard to watch because of the combination of art style and strong black shading. I liked it and would probably like it more if I was in a place and mood to watch something so obscure. Glad I saw it nonetheless.
  20. ElectricBlue1989

    ElectricBlue1989 Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

    Of course, I gotta add this one:

    Zoids: Century Zero


    Like Zoids, I still got my toys of these series: :)

    Transformers: Robots In Disguise / Car Robots

    Back when Transformers didn't garner the attention of every 5-year old and amnesia-laden Gen X-ers, during a period that the Japanese made the animated series (which was longer than what you might think), this somehow relatively-known series marked the return of vehicle-based Autobots (though the enemies were still stuck on Beast Wars/Beast Machines) using traditional animation... and the rekindling of my love for Transformers.

    I gotta get those DVDs, irregardless whether its the original Japanese version, or the English dub version I grew up with.
    I never got to see the ending (blast you, Fox Kidz).
  21. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public

    I have been watching Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan, and Blue Exorcist.

    I also watched the new Berserk movie subbed, but I can't wait to see it dubbed. The voice cast for Berserk had the best out takes. I wanted to get that box set again just for that. I think the CG is kinda stuff and obvious in the movie but beware they improved it a bit in the second movie.
  22. ElectricBlue1989

    ElectricBlue1989 Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

    Well, at least someone read my post.
    But thanks anyway for pointing that out. I wouldn't have known.

    Ladies VS. Butlers!

    I believe this is one of those animes that you either love or hate. Love if you're into fanservice, hate if you don't.

    I became aware of this anime when it was in the 'recommended' section when reading an old manga I thought was long gone. After being intrigued with the plot (synopsis here) and confirming that the series was complete (manga no, anime yes), I read it. The few manga chapters available anywhere were about the same level as the Love Hina manga (what I remember) in terms of fanservice.

    Then I looked for pics of the series. Yikes.

    I haven't watched anime of any kind in awhile, so I was shocked at the amount of skin shown. When did this happen... I think it was done partly to better "hide" the obvious token female-impersonating-a-boy.
    Due to that, I watched the whole series in one sitting during Election Day, because the house was notoriously empty. The art-style grew on me. Couldn't get used to some of the voices.

    It has all the ingredients you'd expect of this kind of series:
    - A rich blue-eyed blonde with curled pig-tails (a continuous joke is made about 'em, which is about time an anime did!)
    - A bumbling big-breasted chick (pitiful)
    - Too-dense leading male protagonist
    - Token exhibitionist chick
    - A summer-getaway romance episode
    - Girls' shower scenes
    - Token girly beauty-obsessed pretty-boy (thankfully, very little is shown about him)
    - Love rivalry!
    - Token otaku
    - Bordering school-style education in a huge, jaw-dropping institute
    - Clash of social status

    Despite its envelope-pushing (you wouldn't believe what they used eels for!), this ecchi romance-comedy did have its moments; the best character being the scheming short-haired brunette that gets under blondie's skin and the boy in predicaments. Those episodes that I could barely watch involved the 19-year-old-in-2nd-grader-body lolita.

    The ending isn't to many peoples' tastes (which anime ending isn't?), because it seems the studio was banking on a second-season (there was definitely meat on the bone of this series for more stories). But it's been a couple of years already and no follow-up. Not even it's 6 specials/omakes softcore pr0nz 3½ minute-max episodes (there's just no other way to describe them) are that known, for better or worse.

    But if Initial D can come back after all these years is limbo for another season, who knows?
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  23. CrazyLee

    CrazyLee Biggest buttplug ever

    Right now watching the second season of Black Lagoon. Before that finished Madoka Magica and Darker than Black.

    I certainly prefer my anime more mature and dark.
  24. XoPachi

    XoPachi Active Member

    Not amazing, but I'm a massive nut for this game so when I saw an anime I was shitting myself at every second. A Gradius anime is the last hing I expected even if it's been referenced in a lot of other anime...even a shitty hentai.
  25. Taralack

    Taralack Hit 'em right between the eyes

    I have no patience for anime any more, aside from ones I have nostalgic attachments to. Too slow, most plots are dumb, I've come to hate the art style...

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