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Discussion in 'Fursona Discussion' started by Renven, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! I have had a crazy week and I just wanted to thank you all, from the passive posts, to the active messages. Just to fill some people in, last Sunday my friends and I were on discord just talking about random stuff. but than one of them decided to be an asshole about everything. so, I sent him a bunch of furry porn kuz that stuff wierds him out. mission accomplished, but everyone started calling me a furry, then I took the meme too far by creating a fursona, creating an account here, and actively getting indoctrinated into the community. however, I really liked how the fursona was an extension of myself, and how everyone treated me with some form of kindness and respect. IDK when exactly it was, but I secretly went full furry.

    I really didn't want to reveal it to my friends (still haven't to my family because they think it is a mental sickness when i brought up what furries were), so I just kept on posting here, made a friend, and generally had a good time. but as i looked around the forum, more and more people were saying, "yeah, everyone accepted who i was" and stuff like that. So, Friday night, I asked my friends if they thought i was actually a furry. they all said "no" and it took me at least two hours to build up the courage to tell them. 90% of them accepted it, but the others still call me weird and crazy. I felt a great sense of relief after that, and last night, when we were alone in the server, I asked one of my best friends (who I had my eye on for a while) if he would go out with me. After about an hour of deep conversation, he said yes.

    so, I just wanted to thank you all who encouraged me to do this. for some of my earlier posts, I was completely lying and pulling a prank, and i want to apologize. I really didn't mean any harm, but i still think that it's the right thing to do and tell you all. I am gay, a furry, and proud of it!

    -Encouraging the future generation, Renven
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    *edit: the guy i asked out said that he felt too weird to go out with me. we're still "friends" i guess

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