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Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Nylak, Jun 17, 2010.

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    The Blue Note is a forum designated for musicians and songwriters to discuss their craft, just like Palette Town is a forum is for visual artists. It is not for the discussion of general music appreciation, such as favorite bands, genres, songs, etc. Such topics should be left in The Tube, which is for general entertainment chatter.

    If you have any questions about where a topic belongs, feel free to ask one of your friendly neighborhood mods.

    Edit by Raptros:

    Here are some more guidelines, since the ones Nylak here posted aren't very specific.

    1. To clear up what Nylak said, this is a forum for musicians and songwriters to discuss their craft. This includes critiques, equipment, instruments, software and anything else that has something to do with the craft. Anything that is not related to the writing, production or playing of music (e.g "fan of (x)" or "this song is cool" topics) should be posted in "the tube" (linked above).

    2. Any critiques are to be kept constructive at all times. Please use this thread as a guide (the thread relates to art specifically, but can be easily adapted for use as a general critique guide).

    3. As there is no specific "music critique" section, any critique threads must be labeled clearly as such in the title.

    4. Your music/critique thread may only be bumped 7 days after your last post in the thread and these bumps must contain examples of new music.

    5. All other general forum rules still apply

    Any questions or suggestions should be PM'ed to Raptros.

    Thank you.
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    OP has been updated with more information. If there are still any questions about this then please message me.
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    Thread updated to add bumping rules.

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