The CS-One (A Science Fiction RolePlay)

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    Riley pointed at their tail, giving a deadpan expression. "Look at what I live with. He's tried to eat me. I don't think some octopussies (hah) are gonna scare me too easily~" They said, grinning a little. Plus, alien stuff is really cool! Weird monsters are my favorites~"
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    Jin and the snake glance at each other, seemingly coming to a realization that they're really lucky to be able to live along each other, instead of getting conflicts over who takes control of the body. They then glance back at Riley's tail, then Riley themselves, with a smirk.

    - Riiiiight, never too fun when your tail literally tries to eat you, indeed... as for alien stuffs...

    He just shrugs.

    - We're all aliens to each other at this point. I'm an alien to people on earth, and so are they to me ! It's all just personal perspective, really, if you think about it... but... weird monsters ? OK, OK, I have my own standards ! And my standards are very high !

    (I'm not sorry...)
  3. Ninth

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    "Yeah, we are all aliens to each other! That's why I decided to join this thing~ I was hoping to be around diverse people where I wouldn't be judged and yeah! Plus, I wanted to see more aliens" She said, while she grinned, sticking out her tongue.
  4. Jin-Lust-4-Sin

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    - So how did you and your tail settle down the conflict of eating each other ?

    Jin asks while walking along with the other two.
  5. Ninth

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    "Oh, um, it was more just him trying to eat me?" They said, itching their cheek and smiling. "I forgot to go to sleep, and he was tired, so he just chomped my head. I punched him in the mouth and he let go. And I finally went to sleep. It's a normal thing he does when he gets annoyed with me~"
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    Jin and the snake both shake their head with a smirk.

    - Wow... what a great relationship.

    He the points at the snake.

    - There was a time Snekkie smacked his own head at my arms. I asked what that was for, he said "mosquito bit daddy !", hehe.
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    Riley rolled their eyes, and glared playfully at Jae. "If only things were as simple for me. My "friend" here is more concerned with trying to make my life a living hell~ Not like his life is easy either." They shook their head, shrugging.
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    Bios was quiet for this whole conversation and chuckled. "I could weird ALL of you out by naming just a few creatures I've encountered over the years before I was on this station." Bios said with a mischievous grin.
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    Jin growls a bit, then hisses.

    - No. Thankssssssssss !

    He playfully glares at his son, but obviously not wanting to feel overwhelmed.
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    @Ninth @C4theSlime

    "Yeah, that's part of the reason I joined the mission, to learn about different types of people and how their worlds work." Raz said and followed after the others as they headed for the other elevator. "I've met my share of creepy critters, odd animals, and sentient beings... but I've also met a lot of cool creatures." He smiled at his companions. "Like you guys."
  11. Jin-Lust-4-Sin

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    Jin smiles back, with a thumbs-up.

    - You got it, buddy.

    His snake tail lets out a happy hiss in response.

    - I came to this station for the same reason, in fact. Simply to explore and discover new things... but there's something I can never understand.

    He then takes out a coin, which looks like a US penny.

    - How do you... uh... put value into these tiny things ? And use them to... "buy" stuffs ? Is it the word ?

    He explains himself further :

    - In my home planets, we trade items or exchange services. Like, say, I perform a song at an inn, and I get to rent a room for free. Items used for trades should be useful, but we have no idea how to "use" these... "coins". If you ask me, I'd probably make a necklace outta them !

    He then just shrugs, and laughs :

    - Part of the reason I can never get along well with the robot dudes at the stores, or even the vending machine, for the life of me ! Hahaha...
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    "Dad, buying stuff is basically trading, but with a set object that has a certain value to it. We put our trust in them and give them value, but they're literally just pieces of metal." Bios explained to his father with a smile.
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    Riley nodded, confirming what Bios had said. Their small whiskers twitched as they grinned. "Where I come from, everyone shares everything equally~ We don't buy or trade things. It's a pretty small island on a small planet, so everyone knows each other on a first-name basis." The rabbit had explained, Jae nodding in agreement. "It's home-y but it's a small issue when people gossip and such... Word gets around fast. But oh well~ It happens~" They shrugged, tongue stuck out, seemingly amused.

    "What's it like where you all come from~?" They asked the others, eyes open in interest.
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    "I've traveled to lots of planets, and I must say that planets without money would fair a lot better than the ones that had some form of currency." Bios said with a chuckle as he looked at Riley. He had seen and met a lot of people, and he had seen and a lot of people he'd rather not have met.
  15. Ninth

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    Their ears perked up as they heard Bios speak, before turning towards him. They nodded at his comment, giggling a little. "Yeah, definitely! Of course, there's still our fair share of trade, you want something, you need to replace it or return the favor~ That's common sense, and just in our nature. But for services and help, it's normally all shared. We don't have to worry about prices changing or not being able to afford something, yknow?" She said, tilting her head slightly. "No financial burden makes it easier to raise children and keep life thriving~"
  16. C4theSlime

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    "I agree with you. If only all planets were like that...." Bios said with a dreamy sigh.
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    @Ninth @C4theSlime @Zyren_EX

    Jin walks along while listening to Bios, Riley and Jae. His hands holding together behind his back.
    Jin speaks up with a proud smile.

    - My home is made up of 5 planets, known as "United Sanctums of Paradox", located at the borderline of the Milky Way. And I...

    He fist-bumps his chest in a joking manner.

    - The President of the United Sanctums !

    After that, however, he just chuckles :

    - Sorry, that was so bad, hehe...
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    Raz laughs at Jin's joke. "No that wasn't bad, it was funny..." he smiled, he then placed his hands behind his head as they continued walking and lets out a sigh. "My world... Well technically I'm from Earth... but I live within a magical realm of it called Sowega where people are all animals or mythical creatures." He explains. "We have a currency but it's not useless metal like the humans. It's made from a magical substance known as Estia, which we use to power machines and preform special magic. So it's the fact that it can be used for other things that makes it valuable to trade."
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    (Just a heads up. I'll probably be backing out of this now. I had fun chasing Eleven, but I'll leave you guys to your stuff. ^_^ Maybe Gemini will pop in at one point later. Have fun!)
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    With all the commotion seeming to settle down the rather large portion of Vorn that he left in the store back end came back to the front after what may have seemed like ages to him. His eyes wander over to the group of people taking...though he particular eyeing the drink as he hasn't had any inawhile. But none the less he keeps to posing as a robot store clerk for now giving the occasional "Hello zir" or "Hauf a good day." Granted the fact he had an accent was likely his biggest give away

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