The Cure for Sporadic Creativity

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by ArtVulpine, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. ArtVulpine

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    Hello all!

    Does anyone have or had this issue: Your creativity only appears in random spurts rather than consistent, and when you try to draw or write on those days where you're not having one of those creative spurts you can't create anything at all?

    That's what I've been fighting with right now.

    For those who had these sporadic moments and now can write, draw, etc. more consistently, how did you fix things? I've tried drawing on those non-creative days but I get nothing, not even ideas!
  2. KrissySempaiArt

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    For me at least if im feeing dry , i just draw a sketch and just make a huge mess , or ill draw some fanart of one of my fav characters to get the wheels cranking . Dont even havta post or finish if you dont wanna obvi , but thats how i do it . I find cleaning through my supplies to look at stuff i havent used in a while helps too ! My fav thing to do though is to just draw with super cheap art supplies in a cheap sketchbook i have . I bought stuff from the dollar tree or the off brand from walmart and dollar general and what not just so i wouldnt feel bad for wasting them when i used them to warm my brain up . I do this once a day about . Evem after working all day , working on art is aboit the only way o can relax besides gaming , so i try to use that as a way to push myself to draw and be creative . I had this issue a lot in high school because i never had time for anything but now that Im 21, its made me just do the grind , even if im not having a creative moment . I gusss i can just force myself into the mindset one way lr another , but i dont see that as a bad thing since i do art to make money , make fanart of my fav characters , and to also just relax from my normal everyday job . I try and deter any stree i may feel from it so it makes it a lot more fun and thus a lot easier to feel creative a lot more .
  3. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    Draw, delete, draw, delete, draw, delete. Turn off laptop.

    Don't force it. I too, have a cycle as well. I get a week of full-bore-super-creative work laid out, next few days I can't even find my brain. I just let it go until its ready. I refuse to treat it like a job, I've already got one of those.
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  4. ArtVulpine

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    Yeah, that's exactly how I feel. I have a career, so drawing isn't something I plan to do full time like the artists you see in a convention Dealer's Den. I draw for fun, and hopefully others will find what I draw interesting.
  5. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    If anything, I'll use those times to focus on improving a particular aspect. I spent all last week on realistic fur. I found out I'm doing more detail than needed, and essentially wasting my own time lol.
  6. W00lies

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    If you really feel like drawing but you don't know what to draw try to focus your energy on studies. For me, the lack of will or ideas honestly used to be caused by not knowing anatomy enough. I'm still far from perfect but I improved enough to be way more comfortable with what I draw.

    Try doing things you're completely unfamiliar with just to see how you do and so on. I pushed myself a lot with the commissions I've been doing and made me more as ease with the idea of drawing certain things I always thought I couldn't do. :)
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  7. Butt_Ghost

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    If you're artblocked because you're inconsistent the only cure is working through it until you're comfortable enough drawing to not be inconsistent. Like so many drawing-related questions, the answer is just to keep drawing. Maybe you need to take a quick break, stretch, get some fresh air, whatever you do to clear your mind - but at the end of that, if you really want to draw then you've got to keep drawing.
    There's no scenario where you break the block by not drawing. Even if you stop and don't touch a pencil for a week, come back and hit your groove again, you've still broken the block by drawing - it just took you an extra week to get there.

    If you're artblocked because you can't come up with anything to draw then try to use that time for practice. You can use drawing prompts or figure drawing websites, or just crack open an art book.
    For finding inspiration you can look at other people's work, Pinterest, sites like Artstation and magazines like ImagineFX. If it sounds like your sort of thing, you can do worldbuilding, or something less extreme, like designing a bunch of characters/settings. It's a pretty reliable way to always have something to draw.

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