The free or cheap plugins/virtual instruments thread.

Discussion in 'Music & Audio' started by Kalmor, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Whoa, appearently this topic is quite abandoned (and its author banned for whatever reason) and it's pretty useful o.o

    Let's see what can I help with:

    Name: MiniMogue VA
    Type: Analog Synth
    Price (if any): $0
    Link: Download Free Minimoog emulation plug-in: MiniMogueVA by Glen Stegner
    Description (good and bad points): Based in the MiniMoog synthetizer. Everything you need in the same interface.

    Name: C700
    Type: Sampler
    Price (if any): $0
    Link: PPSE部
    Description (good and bad points): It's an emulator of the SNES built-in sampler. It allows you to use samples from SNES ROMS (.sfc or .smc) or SNES music tracks (.spc).
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