The future of humanity

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    Humanity will ruin this planet, and have to move back to Mars again.... Always thought it super funny that Star Fleet ships are ..... Saucers... lol
  2. Rykhoteth


    Nothing changes unless there's profit to be made or a metaphorical gun to the head of people with the power to change things. Humanitarians with power are the minority of those with power.

    I think the slash-and-burn profiteering for short term profits at the cost of the future will continue until they can't any longer. I really see no signs of it slowing, you'd need to completely alter the psychology of the people who are abusing power and shirking inherent responsibilities. In fact, great Furry science-fiction comic if nobody here has read it yet, Erma Felna EDF by Steve Gallacci (now slowly being uploaded on his website, just started the 2nd of 5 volumes), I always appreciated since this is pretty much the core theme as a reflection of late 20th century politics transplanted on to a "blank canvas" society which then repeats the same mistakes. Then the sequel comic is set post-collapse.

    Star Trek utopia canonically happens after WWIII and the complete devastation of the Earth, and a large part of us getting our shit together was alien intervention by the Vulcans post first contact.

    Mostly I'm worried about the immediate future of the US economy for me since there's this perfect buttfuck trifecta in the next 10 years of stagnant wages, high debts, and the 2nd industrial revolution. People starved to death in the streets during the first industrial revolution, and even today we can't solve our own minor domestic problems or even lay proper foundations for stable social programs. Not to mention how polarized politics in the USA have been getting.

    I think society will survive to reach the stars and blah blah blah, but a shitload of people will continue to be ground underfoot that didn't need to be, and I doubt "minor" things such as environmental concerns will be heeded seriously until the rich are suffering.
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    What about how we're gunning for a war with North Korea?
  4. Rykhoteth


    I think it would be as short and one-sided as the Gulf War, complete with a lot of militia immediately surrendering. I'd only worry if I was a South Korean. North Korea is screwed, their major economic pipeline as I understand it was China buying coal but I read China is backing out of that. Actual war with China I've always doubted we'd see since their economic bubble is about to slump and their economy is largely propped up on the US dollar. So far it's looking like China will continue backing away from backing North Korea from what I remember reading. I don't recall how tightly Russia played big-brother for N Korea as how much China did.

    Granted I don't read much in the way of international news, so my world political knowledge is probably about as good as my knowledge of the last EULA I agreed to.

    What really bothers me is Russia's oldguard of politicians doing their best impression of Dr Strangelove.
  5. Jarren

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    Not a threat to anyone outside of North Korean missile range, especially if the Chinese put their foot down and bring Kim to heel. Not even Dear Leader of Best Korea is stupid enough to actually push the big red button (And even if he did, the South Koreans and Chinese would have to worry the most). I'd be more worried about China's antics in the South China sea over the last few years.
  6. Kellan Meig'h

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    All y'all don't seem to understand we're already doomed.
    Disregard what's happening in Syria and North Korea. Those things are small change, my amigos. What you're not paying attention to, there are species going extinct all around us, species that are part of the food chain and we don't seem to care. If you break the food chain, we're done for. It won't be an abrupt end, just a series of minor things that eventually create what machinists call "tolerance stack-up." The real problem will surface when the bees and other pollinating species go extinct. No pollination means no food and that equals no human race.

    And the Bee-otch of it is, it's probably too late to do anything about it. Mankind has really screwed the pooch on this issue and nobody seems to care.
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    We're all going to extinct sooner or later, and it is perfectly fine, that's how universe works. I just wish for a gradual, relatively painless extinction, any kind of "doomsday" would suck big time. Either way, I'm already happy to live in a wonderful time where international communication and easily accessable knowledge is nothing out of ordinary, and all the politic bullshit aside, humanity and technology are pretty much at their peak, so yeah, we should appreciate our existence for what it is, and enjoy it while it lasts c:
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  8. ChapterAquila92

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    We've been a walking extinction event ever since our cognitive revolution over 70,000 years ago, and especially since we jumped to the top of the food chain as early as Homo sapiens' conquest of Australia some 45,000 years ago. It's just that today we do it on an industrial scale out of a sense of indifference; everything around us is seen as little more than a machine to be used or a resource to be exploited.

    With that said, we're also entering an era where natural selection is starting to give way to intelligent design, with genetic modification being among the emerging forces at play. We could very well see the end of agriculture as we know it, but it's hard for me to accept that it will spell the end of humanity when we have the tools to circumvent the shortcomings that our activities are indirectly contributing. The only obstacle to this windfall is our current reluctance to accept this development out of fear of our own obsolescence.

    In short, we must adapt or else we will perish.

    For that matter, the implications this will have on future human evolution are transcendent - any descendant species we give birth to, biological or digital, will more than likely be gods compared to us, which is why it's imperative that we must determine what we want humanity to become.
  9. Sergei Sóhomo

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    We'll manage through assuming some natural disaster like an asteroid or super volcano doesn't happen along the way. One we get in the clear a good couple hundred years from now we'll probably be able to fully sustain ourselves while keeping the planet in a moderate state of okay
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  10. ChapterAquila92

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    Indeed, though the supervolcano scenario likely won't completely exterminate us as a species; we already survived one, plus two ice ages, and that was without the aid of anything more advanced than stone tools and fire. A catastrophic cosmic event however? Yeah, a sufficiently large impact would do it. Suffice to say that while nukes may be devastating civilization-killers, even they pale in comparison to other forms of nature's violence.
  11. Sergei Sóhomo

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    A super volcano would likely knock us down for a good couple of centuries and stifle large amounts of progress
  12. Yakamaru

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    Like Earth getting face-raped by a meteor? Happened several times, we're still here.

    Not sure how our nukes can do anything about a meteor though.
  13. Fallowfox

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    I worry that we won't be able to mitigate the coming challenges, such as our changing climate.
  14. ChapterAquila92

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    It's debatable, and a lot of that depends on how long the eruption lasts. Sure, Yellowstone may very well go up in spectacular fashion in the near future and devastate the surrounding region (let alone dumping ash across the continental United States), but aside from the ensuing humanitarian crisis and immediate collapse of the American economy, the projected impact on human civilization as a whole is not likely to be as severe as it's made out to be.
    In the context of our species' brief existence thus far, we've yet to get schmucked that hard. We already know that Earth is a tough gal and that her biosphere has faced far worse.
    Nukes would work well for asteroid deflection should one be detected early enough. It's a matter of getting around that Outer Space Treaty though.
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  15. Yakamaru

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    Oh yeah, definitely. Crashed into Mars, crashed into the moon, getting face-raped daily by thousands of meteorites, getting fucked by meteors.

    She's a tough gal indeed.
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    On top of this, she has her big sis Jupiter who is basically a space vacuum thanks to her extremely strong magnetic field. Jupiter takin' most of the hits anyway :D

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