Free Art: The List of Request Accepting Artists and Writers V

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  1. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Administrator Staff Member

    Yes indeed! This little project/service is being restarted!

    Couple changes though.

    To all artists wanting to be listed, and to anyone looking for art: READ THE RULES

    The purpose of the list is simple, it cuts down the number of 'Would any artists please draw me *insert subject matter here* for free?' threads. General shout-outs like those tend to be the bulk of the material in The Art Exchange, and they're very hit or miss, since you never know what art style or preferences the artists that answer them might have. This thread lists artists and writers who volunteer their names for you to contact directly, after showing you examples of their style and their do's and don'ts.

    The thread rules are very simple:

    For Artists That Want to Be Included

    -Post in this thread with the following:

    a) Your art style (traditional, digital, audio, short stories, poetry, etc)
    b) One or more links to examples of material that reflects the sort of style and quality requesters can expect
    c) Contact preference (a link to your FA user-profile, a note to just contact you on the forum, or something similar)
    d) A list of what subjects you would most like to be approached about, what subjects you are okay with, and which subjects are on your no-no list. This will help ensure you are contacted by users with requests that in in your interests, and not be spammed with requests for content you do not find acceptable.

    -If you would like your example links changed please post here the links you would like to add and/or remove in a new post.

    -I will form a list for others to read with the screen names and art examples using the notifications I receive here.

    -I will alphabetically manage the list below this initial post via edits to keep it up to date and accurate.

    -When you hit your limit or just feel like you don't want to do more request work you simply send me a PM/post here/note me asking your name be taken from the list, and I'll remove it until you ask it be put back.

    -This is a listing for FREE pieces of art to be produced, not commissions.

    Note to volunteers: If you do not include examples of your art style I will not put your name in the listing.

    Previously the 'Report' button was used to ask for changes to be made to listings. This is now being changed to new posts in the thread, so the thread itself serves as a sort of change-log (and so less reports show up in the staff section of the forum)

    For Requesters

    -Do not post requests for art in this thread. Look through the listing in the original post and contact the artist of your choosing directly. If they are listed here, that means they're looking for requests to be done, so go to them. Make sure their preferences and subject-matter are in line with your request.

    -Do not post requests for art in this thread.

    -Posting requests for art in this thread will earn an infraction for spam/thread derailment.

    -Seriously, please don't post requests for art in this thread, it just clutters up the place.

    -Respect a 1-week time period between requests for pieces of art. Do not bombard multiple artists for the same sort of material nonstop. If I get reports of this I will apply warnings or infractions.

    All that being said, here be the list below!


    The List

    The prior list was several years out of date, so it is being dubbed as irrelevant. The List is starting over from scratch for new entries.
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  2. SpecialSpoon

    SpecialSpoon Lv. 1 Artist

    Ok, guess I'll be the first in this new era, then.

    In the interest of improving my skills as an artist, I am currently accepting requests!

    I am a novice digital/traditional sketch artist/cartoonist!

    Some examples of my work and current skill level can be found here: Scraps Gallery for Roscoe3000 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and here Artwork Gallery for Roscoe3000 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I don't have any solid "style" yet, but I am attempting to mix both western and manga style art into my works. At this point my style is one big free for all. ^^;;

    I prefer to be contacted via note on my FA gallery, or through a PM here. I also use Discord for chat, and if you PM or note me I'll give it to ya. I also do live sketch streams on picarto!: Picarto.TV - SpecialSpoon's Channel

    d) I will consider nearly any request, be it NSFW (only if you're 18+) or SFW, but guarantee nothing! ;)

    NO!: Toilet/diaper porn, kiddie porn, hardcore gore (or gore related porn), non-sentient beastiality (...we'll talk...), rape (fuck no)

    YES! (maybe?): ref sheets, single or double characters with simple backgrounds, possibly short comics, etc

    I look forward to working with you guys, and thanks in advance for the practice. <:3
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  3. Raven-Foxx

    Raven-Foxx Animal Artist

    Digital and Traditional Cartoonist
    Latest as of this post: RaĆ¹l (Cyn Wolf) by Raven-Foxx
    Things I will do: Pencil Sketches, Cartoons, Basic Digital Paintings
    Things I won't do; NSFW, Mature, Violent, you get the idea.
    Ways to Contact: Please contact me via the conversation system on the forum.
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  4. SharpUnforgiven

    SharpUnforgiven Digital Artist

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  5. xofrats

    xofrats The cat said what?

    I want to be included

    a) Digital semi cartoonist
    b) I will do chibies like this one Chibi Bunny by Xofrats or semi-cartoony NSFW Time for bed by KittyWrath
    c) You can contact me here or on my FA page Userpage of xofrats -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    d) What I will do: Cute stuff of all species. Anthro or feral are welcome. I can also draw mature stuff like simple pin ups. Fetishes I like to draw are bondage, lingerie, vore and pregnancy.
    What I won't do: Hyper, Watersport, scat, gore, inflation
    A list of what subjects you would most like to be approached about, what subjects you are okay with, and which subjects are on your no-no list. This will help ensure you are contacted by users with requests that in in your interests, and not be spammed with requests for content you do not find acceptable.
  6. Mew2MewTwo

    Mew2MewTwo Yard yare daze....

    a) Digital and Traditional Cartoonist/Student
    b) Example of my work: Dsarvess (Note: this is outdated in terms of my style and skill)
    c) Contact me at Userpage of mew2mewtwo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or AllysonRocco on DeviantArt
    d) Will Draw
    Standard fursona sketches
    Nude characters but not in a sexual manner
    Fursona concept ideas
    Basic reference sheets
    Transformation singles
    Transformation sequences
    Living goo/symbiote
    Will Not Draw
    Sexual intercourse
    Human-to-human transformation
    Age regression
    Other subjects of art that I'm not familiar with or do not know I might draw depending on whether or not it appeals to me.
  7. Shizuka

    Shizuka Magnificent

    a) I offer digital art
    b) Lylet, Harley Quinn, Azrael
    c) ShizukaRen on FA
    d) What I am willing to draw:
    Wolves, Dogs, Cats... animals in general... I will let you know if I can't.
    Most fetishes**

    **means if i see a fetish I haven't heard of, I will google it and if I do not like it, I will not draw it.

    What I am not willing to draw:
    balloon popping

    I know I am missing things, so please just ask if I will do it, don't assume~
  8. Kenyatta

    Kenyatta New Member

    I'd like to be included c:
    Digital artist
    Post most frequently here: (some nsfw) My Sketch Blog
    Contact me here, or on telegram @Kenta1 (mention that you're from here)
    What I'm willing to draw:
    Nsfw pinups
    Muscles, chubs, thick characters
    Simple sketches, sometimes colored
    Armor/fantasy designs
    What I won't draw:
    Dutch angel dragons
    Female characters (sorry)
  9. Are you able to draw ponies? If so I'd like you to ponify my girlfriend.
  10. Bigbrownorc

    Bigbrownorc New Member


    Digital artist
    Primarily NSFW. But i'm in some cases willing to do SFW
    Gay artist. I only draw manly characters.
    Please never be afraid to contact me. I'm always very open to suggestions and am always more than happy to talk. And if i don't like a request of yours we can always find a solution that works for you.

    Total do's:
    - Muscle
    - reptiles, orcs, bulls and generally muscular species
    - size difference
    - actually a lot!

    Total don'ts:
    - cute
    - girly
    - Kinks that might turn off a large audience. I like me some kinky stuff, but i still want others to enjoy them aswell.
    - females
    - bright/unnatural colours
    My extended rules: Request rules -- bigbrownorc's Journal

    My work:
    Orc Jock Orc jock by bigbrownorc
    Trundle Trundle by bigbrownorc
    Garazeb Garazeb by bigbrownorc

    You can find my entire FA gallery here Artwork Gallery for bigbrownorc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Contact me via:
    Or just send me a note on FA: Userpage of bigbrownorc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. Mind Bulking up Sean? I want him to be Light-Heavyweight MMA build in a Heroic pose, the only thing I ask is that you please keep the scars.

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