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  1. "The Maker's Mark" - A story written like a nonfiction article with a bit of advice at the end. it's set in a fantasy world I dreamed up called Aetherius. Most of the stuff I will be making at first will be set in the Lost Isles but there are other areas like Plaugewood, The Ashlands, and the Shadowlands.

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    In the lost Isles, land of eternal storms, most lycans live off the
    land, hunting game and farming crops like salt-rice, moon-fruit and
    marshroot. A few live in towns, serving as shop-keepers,
    tailors, coopers and the like. A few more lead a life of
    adventure and treasure-seeking, delving into the
    numerous ruins that dot the island and facing the dangers
    that lie within. But, everywhere you look, there
    is a strange lack of blacksmiths on the island. there are some,
    but they are few and far between, and do not deal
    in arms and armor, only horseshoes and nails. This is because
    only the those branded by the maker's mark have
    permission to arm and armor the thunder king's legion of knights.

    New parents living on the island fear this mark,
    and rightly so, for those branded with it will likely
    never see their parents ever again, or care to. The mysterious
    masked seekers search eternally for more
    branded children, and take them to the molten heart of Mt.
    Charr, where they will be with their own kind,
    doomed to forever work the great magma-forges that churn
    out some of the finest armor in the known world,
    not to mention the iron constructs that bolster the living
    forces of Thunder King Valindor III, lord of the island.

    The branded are not a pretty sight, as their skin is
    scarred and furless from the intense heat, and most
    of them are blind from years of working the forge
    without eye protection. Makers, as the branded are often
    called, ill often go weeks at a time without eating or sleeping,
    and so develop a skeletal, malnourished appearance.
    The Branded all smell to some degree or another, and they
    are frequently bleeding or leaking pus from somewhere or another.
    They appear to be immune to pain and live even longer than
    their already long-lived counterparts outside of the great
    workshops, however, their muscles are notably weaker and t
    heir bones more frail than those who see the light of day.

    Their mannerisms support their monstrous appearance,
    as both genders wear no clothes, as being blind and living
    inside a volcano makes them unnecessary. Makers have
    poor social and communication skills, talking to themselves
    constantly and laughing for no particular reason. They often
    engage in long conversations on the finer points of their craft,
    but rarely ever talk about anything else, and one will often
    continue to talk long after the other is already long gone.
    Branded care little about hygiene, never bathing and reliving
    themselves wherever they see fit, frequently near the forges
    they tend, as without working eyes finding their way back
    to the work-station can be difficult, and dangerous, as one wrong
    step could send you plummeting to the sea of magma below.

    Despite their hideous visages and hellish working conditions, those that tend
    the fiery crucibles, workshops, and magma-forges are happy,
    because they are surrounded by people they
    can relate to and understand, and feel needed. No finer smiths
    exist anywhere in the world of Aetherius, and the makers
    are proud of this fact. They live where they do because it is a place
    where they feel like they belong. Those makers that
    manage to hide from the seekers often feel different, even alien,
    to those born to live in the surface world. While the
    reason makers began being sent to Mt. Charr is long forgotten,
    we know that it is what they are meant to do. We are all
    born with a set of strengths and weaknesses that give us our
    identity and place in this world. Going against this birthright
    will always lead to sorrow. All sentient beings need to be needed,
    loved and accepted. The makers know this is what they are born
    to do, just as some are born coopers, tailors, farmers, or adventurers.
    Readers would do well to remember this fact.

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