The Official Birthday Thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yakamaru, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed

    Topic name says it all! Here everyone can post their birthdays, if they like, and I will try and list'em ALL up! *whimpers*

    Or, you can say it's your birthday today, and end up with a couple, if not many, congratulations!

    You only have your birthday once a year. Some celebrate it, some don't. Some celebrated it, but stopped giving a fuck after X years.

    Birthdays by date:
    January - sbm1990(7th), real time strategist(17th)
    February - Jarren(26th)
    March - Andromedahl(9th)
    April - Yakamaru(28th)
    May - Belatucadros(31st)
    June - leatcrackersandjumpcliffs(19th), FluffyShutterbug(21st), KeitoTheMidnightFox(22nd), Pachi-owo(29th), B-Ghez(30th)
    July - Royn(31st)
    August - juiceboxbunny(19th)
    September - Abyssalrider(24th)
    October - Aurorans Solis(7th), msgrandpabacon(11th)
    November - Pipistrele(4th)
    December - biscuitfister(11th), ThatOneLombaxx(18th), Mr. Fox(25th)

    Note: For people who have blocked me, I can't see your posts. If you want your name and date up, you're going to have some way of going around the block without breaking any rules. Or remove the block, I don't really care.
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  2. October 11~
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  3. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    March 9th.
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  4. Abyssalrider

    Abyssalrider The Autistic Otter

    September 24th
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  5. sbm1990

    sbm1990 Folf Guitarist

    January 7th
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  6. biscuitfister

    biscuitfister Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?

    December 11th
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  7. Royn

    Royn Otterest Sergal evah!

    In the summertime. Last day of ripe cherries moon.
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  8. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed

    You mean the day the moon turn into a pretty cool place? Sure. :D
  9. sbm1990

    sbm1990 Folf Guitarist

    July 22nd?
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  10. Royn

    Royn Otterest Sergal evah!

    Moons are months. Holy crap that was close. sbm, you are rather good.
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  11. sbm1990

    sbm1990 Folf Guitarist

    Meh, I just happen to know my shit when it comes to astrology. I at least thought that July 22nd was the last day of Cancer.
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  12. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed

    <-- Have no knowledge nor interest in Astrology, and thus that shit was totally lost on me.
  13. Jin-Lust-4-Sin

    Jin-Lust-4-Sin The Exiled

    7th november
  14. KeitoTheMidnightFox

    KeitoTheMidnightFox Keito of the night

    June 22nd
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  15. Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs

    Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs Fighter of the Nightman

  16. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox This is what the fandom did to me!

    Christmas day.
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  17. juiceboxbunny

    juiceboxbunny Im a foodie-fur not a Vore-fur

    August 19. C:
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  18. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Vulpine Photographer

    I turn 21 in exactly 2 months! :) My whelpday is on June 21st.
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  19. Aurorans Solis

    Aurorans Solis cum sol surrexit auroratque dies incepit

    October 7th, here.
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  20. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Stupid batto

    Remember, remember, the 4th of November
    (And send me some presents, and draw me some battos)
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