The precarious state of the Japanese furry community

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  1. ShikiByakko

    ShikiByakko Byakko of the West

    Hello, I would like to talk about a subject that is rarely talked about in the English speaking furry community: Problems in the Japanese Furry Community.

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Japanese furry community, or if you have had a chance to participate in it via going to conventions or any other of interaction, and in the surface it probably seems like any other furry community, but the more you get deep into it you start to realize there is something that is unique, to say the least, about it in japan.

    To put it plain terms, even thou there are many LGBT members of the community, homophobia is rampant, and in many cases not only tolerated, but either encouraged or seen as a "valid point".

    Many Japanese furry artists, who have history of making homophobic remarks, also like to spread rumors, that usually involve some "unknown" person, a "friend of a friend" who told them about their rape experience perpetrated always by some "overly gay" stereotype (according to the Japanese stereotype). They claim to rise awareness about rape in the Furry community, but in reality most of them just use it as a cheap way to then claim thats the way homosexuals recruit people inside the furry community, and that's the reason why there are so many.
    Every time anyone calls them out you get called a rapist, or rape apologist, almost always get harassed by their fans and there is really no counter movement against this. For the most part Japanese Furry keep their silence and escape any possibility of conflict, leaving these abusive members to almost dictate the narrative for the community.

    My personal experience is the next:
    I got a request from a close friend of mine to talk public of my opinion about a furry artist called "Mikazuki Karasu" (三日月からす) who was at the time propagating a rumor of an anonymous acquaintance who was a minor, who had received sexual solicitation messages from a "Homosexual member of the furry community", and who finally lured this kid and supposedly raped. Almost everyone simply said that they should report it to the authorities, but instead of doing this, calming that "They don't want to report it because they don't want any more trouble", he started a campaign saying that this was the result of what is known as a "Kuso-homo" (Shit homo), homosexuals who lurk in the furry community with the sole intention of recruiting children into homosexuality. He even claims he was a victim of this once, because a fan of his, even when he knew that he was straight (which is dubious, because he has talked about having a boyfriend in the past, "when he was gay", claiming that now he is 100% straight), he dared to send him a love letter, which make him sick at his stomach, and then claimed this person was a stalker, because he dared to say to him that even in he was straight, he was still in love with him.
    I confronted this individual via twitter, calling him on his homophobic remarks, and an avalanche of trolls came to my way. People saying that being blunt about my remarks, and not taking shit gave a "bad name" to homosexuals, saying that I probably was a child rapist, and things like that.
    It went to the length that these trolls started to dig things about me, and started to
    harass my ex-boyfriend. Funny thing is that most of my friends from the furry community instead of helping, just told me to forget it and "ignore it".

    After that incident, a few permanent trolls have been
    harassing me all the year, making false accounts with my name, some of them even dug even more about me, and started to make harassment calls to the company I work for.

    And now in the latest installment, another artist called "pizza" (pizademokttero), who is also known to make homophobic comments constantly, made a "cautionary" manga about the "Darkness of the Furries" where he depicts 2 male "furries", a "Week and gentle Furry" dog, being invited to the house of an "Evil Furry" cat, to go the next day to a furry event, and just found himself being assaulted by the "Evil Furry" saying "Did you thought you were going to stay in my house for free", and then a narrator tells how the Week and gentle furry was unable to say no to the evil furry, and in the end was raped, as shown in a last panel with the Gentle Furry crying while the evil one tweets about how he just slept with the gentle one, ending in a note saying that "Behind that gentleness there is always a nefarious motive".

    This comic started to be used by many homophobes in the community to make an example of "how the homos attack". The creator trying to "bring balance" said at one point that there are some "homos" who are more dangerous than others.
    Then I decided to create a critic of this comic by changing the text so that all the rape situation was just a dream created by the "gentle furry" based on his prejudices, and how he couldn't sleep near this guy because he was so tense thinking he was going to get raped, and posted it on twitter.

    The creator of the original came and told me that he gave me no permission to repost and modify his work, to what I responded that since Twitter is based on the US, all copyright claims have to conform to US law, and that according to US law what I did was a parody doing social commentary using his original work, and therefore was protected. Which sparked an explosion on trolls who, like the previous time, told me how I was a rape apologist, that I was damaging the image of this guy, and that I was, once again, a "bad image for homosexuals". I got a false DMCA filling from someone who wasn't even the original author of the comic, who used false contact information. People insists that I was violating japanese copyright law (while the same people use pokemon avatars), and I'm now just constantly harassed by people, just for speaking out.

    Basically in the Japanese Furry community only homophobes have a right to speak, and people expect you to acknowledge the ridiculous points made by homophobes or you get harassed by almost everyone.

    Honestly, at this point I really don't have any desire to continue to take part of the Japanese Furry Community until homophobia stops being the norm.
  2. Butters Shikkon

    Butters Shikkon Patron Saint of Queers

    :p I think the entire Japanese culture needs to wise up and treat the LGBT community better. (I often ponder how they became so homophobic when they've enjoyed homosexuality in their histories for a long time)

    It's a serious issue not just for furries but all Japanese folk. Know any activists you can support there?
  3. ShikiByakko

    ShikiByakko Byakko of the West

    There are almost no LGBT activists in japan. The word "Gaylib" (from Gay Liberation) which is used in japan to refer to LGBT activists, is a dirty word, who even most LGBT people try to get away from.
    The are some support groups, but most of them are Tokyo based, and are mostly just "safe places".

    So yes, it is a general problem in the Japanese society, but the sad thing about the Furry community, is that because of the number of LGBT people in the community being way more than in the "normal society", there is more openness in terms that, people do not have to hide who they are. I know for a fact that many people felt safe for the first time in their life when they started to interact in the Furry Community, but that same openness have made homophobes way more vocal than in the "normal society", which is kind of almost a paradox.
  4. Astusthefox

    Astusthefox The King of Games

    I am utterly confused by all of this text... I already knew that most Asian culture was not supportive of the LGBT crowd... but I don't quite understand all the rest of it and how it applies to the furry fandom... maybe one well developed thesis statement from someone could help me out
  5. Butters Shikkon

    Butters Shikkon Patron Saint of Queers

    Have you ever encountered pro-gay art? (I'm not talking about the endless supply of porn the middle class furries enjoy so much on this site) I'm talking about art that conveys the condition of the current day oppressed homosexual.

    Because art conveys emotion, it's easy to combat hateful art with emphatic art/photos. I remember there was a woman who took people's horrendous facebook comments and put them along side their smiling happy pictures. She made a collage of this. It was so thought provoking to see their nastiness juxtaposed alongside their happy facade.

    Fight art with art.
  6. ShikiByakko

    ShikiByakko Byakko of the West

    To put it simple. In Japan there is this common notion by people external to the furry community that all Furries are gays. To combat this, homophobes inside the furry community in japan, who in many instances are popular artists or celebrities inside the community, attack other members of the community, asking the LGBT members to "behave", claim that the reason there are so many LGBT people is because "homos" have infiltrated the Furry culture and are recruiting them inside the community, basically trying to shame anyone who is a sexual minority in the community to go back to the closet.
  7. ShikiByakko

    ShikiByakko Byakko of the West

    Thats a rather good suggestion.
    But not to be pessimistic or anything, but most of those things get completely ignored (´・ω・`)
  8. Butters Shikkon

    Butters Shikkon Patron Saint of Queers

    Were you expecting a quick solution? That's cute. :3
  9. Astusthefox

    Astusthefox The King of Games

    Ahhhhh thanks for the clarification...

    I'm not quite sure how to feel about this... it's basically furries demeaning furries who have a non heterosexual orientation, which is pretty much the equivalent of a heterosexual person hating on others for not being heterosexual... except anthropomorphic animals are involved...

    I'm surprised humans haven't destroyed the world yet, I really am.
  10. Volkodav

    Volkodav Dad****er

    Wooo this looks like a rad thread and a good read
    ill post here so i can find the thread to read in the morning
  11. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

    Lolwut. Since when is the furry fandom split in classes?
  12. Butters Shikkon

    Butters Shikkon Patron Saint of Queers

    The poor furs don't buy much art, and the rich furs go for comics and more artsy stuff than porn.

    Also...furries are...human know? People have classes.
  13. Taralack

    Taralack Hit 'em right between the eyes

    Get back to work you lower class scum

    *sips on tears of people still waiting on commissions*
  14. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

    Sadly they do... And thank you for clearing up that furries are human people. I thought they were donuts until this mindblowing revelation
  15. Butters Shikkon

    Butters Shikkon Patron Saint of Queers

    That's because you've got that setting on the treadmill too slow, fattie. :V Run faster and you won't have time to think of food!!! >:3
  16. ShikiByakko

    ShikiByakko Byakko of the West

    Something like an anti-prejudice bomb would be good (´vωv`*)
  17. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

    I don't get it
  18. Butters Shikkon

    Butters Shikkon Patron Saint of Queers

  19. Ratical

    Ratical New Member

    The unfortunate thing about any online meet-up is that they can have a dark intent. This isn't unique to furry or gay communities, but any time you associate with strangers you meet on the internet you're taking a risk. But pinning this sort of behavior solely on furries or homosexuals is prejudice, defamatory, and ignorant. I would guarantee the number of times this sort of thing happens within the furry community would be less than everyday sexual assault since, as a social community, we're usually held accountable for all our actions. Basically, even though bad things can happen, we tend to police our own.

    I'm sorry things are rough over there, Shiki. I know language is a barrier, but is there any way a collaboration between the English and Japanese fur communities could help? Historically (and unfortunately) we've been separated despite having a common interest, but I know there are artists who participate in both. It just breaks my heart to know that a group of people from the same culture, with the same interests, can't work past something like homophobia and just enjoy it.

    Thanks for bringing this up, and I really hope you can still enjoy being a furry somewhere. It's tough when you're surrounded by them, but don't let idiots ruin something you love.
  20. ShioBear

    ShioBear EH b0sss

    well i hope it gets better. im moving to tokyo in 3 years to teach english. and i plan on wearing a suit to partys.
  21. Willow

    Willow *honks la cucaracha horn*

    Well to be fair a lot of their gay media is really focused on stereotypes
  22. The King Maker

    The King Maker First Of A Dying Breed

    Sounds a bit hypocritical, considering they are the world's premier source of homosexual related entertainment in the form of yuri and yaoi manga and anime.

    Although Japanese society is a bit tweaked in its own right. The population is on a decline. The country has just hit it's lowest population record in 15 years. Elderly folk are now outnumbering teens & pre-teens. A workaholic lifestyle for men and subservient marriage for women are starting to take it's toll. Guys think "women are too hard to get." Girls think "I don't wanna be some man's slave." Kids are going "what's the point?" Yeah, a fair amoutn fo things need to be fixed.

    As for your situation, I'd say continue on with the fight. Evil triumphs when good furs do nothing. Spam, e-mails, phone calls, this is the worst they can do. Meaning, you've got them riled up. You've got them scared. Press on with the attack. Be the voice of the voiceless. And once others see you taking a stand, they'll be less afraid to move from the sidelines.
  23. ShioBear

    ShioBear EH b0sss

    you do know that more people watch disney films than anime in japan right? people who obsess over anime are looked down upon just as much in japan as in north america.
    and the LGBT communities is basically ignored. they dont hate it they just see it as weird and avoid it. no gay bashing in japan.

    also if you make a big stink in japan your gaijin ass is more likely to get deported than noticed.
  24. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

  25. dischimera

    dischimera Member

    So is that why the artist seem to act so low-profile all the time? I never imagined the kemono artists had this kind of problem. I remember some other artist who claimed to have direct contact with japanese ones saying furry wasn't seen as bad as in the west. Guess that was a load of bollocks.

    If you don't mind me asking, since this is something I've always been curious about, is language barrier the only reason so many kemono artists seem to isolate themselves from the english furry art communities?

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