The situation with North Korea

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    North Korea's missiles are easily within range of South Korea and Japan. Those countries could get hit. It's also very possible that they could reach Guam. It's not known for sure if North Korea's missiles would be able to reach Hawaii or Alaska, but they might be able to. Anything beyond that is doubtful, but nobody really knows for sure.

    And this is all assuming that a North Korean missile will function as intended, and not blow up during launch.
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    Huh... Glad I live in the Northeast, then.
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    Nothing of significant value, I'd wager. The Norks' indigenous ICBM R&D capabilities are sorely limited as is, and their state media runs more like a hyped-up propaganda machine than a reliable news source compared to most others. The Norks would also have to be insane to think that using a nuclear-tipped stick to poke the eagle-shaped bear is good for their collective health. At most they'd likely attempt to "retaliate" by hitting a soft target (small arsenals like theirs don't offer many other options) to show that they mean business, but that's just as much of a death sentence anyway.
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    one of the fucked up things about America's economy is that it requires war to function WW2 is what got America out of the great depression and turned it into a super power but they never really got rid of that crutch and even now their economy requires conflict to survive

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    America was an industrial superpower since the late 1800s. What happened after WWII was that it was the only superpower left after the near-total war , other than the CCCP.

    I'm not going to comment on the American government's long history of war for publicity and profit because I'm not qualified to.
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    My grandfather made a few million dollars as a machine shop owner during the WWII, Korea through Vietnam timeline. @GreenZone, please cite other sources of information as basis for your theory/assumption/accusation.
    You found a culture to bitch about; do yourself and others reading this thread the favor of backing your very strong opinions with verifiable sources. Otherwise you may start to come across as someone as baseless and clueless as our current president. We have enough of that kind of information sharing already.
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    dude this isn't and opinion or "baseless" its common knowledge its taught in history classes and economics...

    America was a massive producer of weapons and raw materials during WW2 to her allies Russia was one of these countries they weren't well equipped to fight off germany towards the start so they relied heavily on buying tanks logistic vehicles and some small arms from America until they were able to develop their own not to mention employment sky rocketed
    Why America Needs War | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
    Permanent war economy - Wikipedia
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    Keeping you on your toes, dude. Many, like you jump at the chance to be right. I just get tired of "Its this way, because its this way!" The theory being, " I bitch the loudest, therefore I must be the most correct."
    Based on your assertion, the US economy will collapse if less is spent on war (aka Defense Spending). I for one would love to see far less spent on war machines and such. I also believe that The US economy is not so delicate. A great deal of foodstuffs leaves these shores daily. Wouldn't it be more advantageous for a country dependent on a 'war economy' to withhold such things as food from other nations? The other nations would become weaker, and therefore easier to overrun. War profits. You are educated, but not experienced.
    I will not back up my assertions at this time. I must prepare for tomorrow's work. Therefore, your argument on this subject is the loudest.

    Did you win?

    PS Itgetsverydifficulttoreadthingswhenproperpunctuationandgrammarisisignoredpleasethinkonthisalittle ohwowitissomucheasiertorightthiswaywhydontwealldoitthisway?:
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    you have been told by admin not to do that at least one other time do it again and i'll make a complaint
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    I imagine that Japan and South Korea would be the targets.

    Even disregarding the potential for nuclear missile attacks, North Korea has enough artillery launchers on its border to cause enormous amounts of destruction in the heavily populated South Korean capital, Seoul. Japan ans Guam could also be in trouble, though I doubt that the US mainland is in much danger for now. That said, it would still be a tragedy if mass casualties were to occur in Asia, even more so considering how many US troops are stationed around that area.
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    The fucked up thing about America's economy is that it's run by an unaccountable, warmongering private bankster mafia that essentially controls all the politicians and bureaucrats. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be going to war every other year or instigating "police actions" and "interventions" all over the world. Our economy would function just fine without war if it wasn't for these scumbags running the system. See War is a Racket by Maj Gen Smedley Butler.
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