The World Building Trap

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    I'm stuck in the World Building trap.

    I'm trying to write a synopsis, an outline for my story, but I keep getting stuck on world building which is fine, except that I've been spending zero time actually writing the damn story. Whenever I want to sit down and write, I end up back in my world building document and jotting down ideas.

    I'm so busy writing ideas down that I'm not getting anything accomplished. Even though I recognize it I can't fins the discipline or patience to just sit down and write. Any advice?
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    Tolkien spent forty years or so building his world; he did a great job. It's not necessarily a bad thing to spend time on a project that keeps you interested and engaged. Of course Tolkien also managed to create some deep and memorable characters and situations. OK, try this: As you tinker with world building, ask yourself, "How does this piece of my world affect character A, character B, C,...? Who will travel through it? Relevance to my story outline?

    If you have no story outline at all, and to date have only been tinkering with your world, stick a character somewhere and ask yourself, "Why is it here? What motivates it?" Conflict is a classic motivator, as is hunger, as is love... Ask, "Who or what else might be here as well; for that character to interact with?" If nothing comes to mind, try another location on your map and try again. A world without "people" for the reader to relate to is little more than a map.

    Maybe you have thought about all of these things already. Just remember that no one here can read your mind. As for me, I have an outline, and most of my primary characters are well-defined. I'm currently dealing with the details of building several habitable planets and their ecosystems. It is all very enjoyable, but I sure would love to get at least one more book's rough draft closer to completion.

    It all takes discipline; something that I myself did not have enough of until later in life. If everything else in your life, like TV or video games or hanging out with friends, takes precedence over your writing, then the story will likely never be told. You must allot some of your time to the craft.
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