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    Any person wishing to create a thread to advertise their services must first be able to meet a list of minimum requirements. Once you can meet those requirements you must formulate a thread and then message a moderator to get it approved.
    Minimum Requirements All elements of this guide-line must be present in the thread before it can be approved.

    • Services Offered: You must have a list of what services you offer as well as a minimum of three examples of each item you offer. The only exception to this is full-suits if you have at least two well made ones and two partials as examples.
    • Price List: Be able to give a basic price guide-line.
    • Contact Information: Let people know how you prefer to be contacted for intimate details of the transaction.
    • Payment Types: Let people know what kinds of payments you accept (Paypal, Money Order, Check, etc)
    • Shipping: Where are you willing to ship to?
    • In the case of Fur-Suit makers be able to tell the user what styles you offer (Toony, Semi-Realism, Realism)
    • Status: When a thread is approved update it to let people know if you are open or closed for commissions.
    • Forum post listings must be Pg-13

    Please keep in mind that examples that show poor craftsmanship can and will be result in a thread not being approved. It helps when photographing examples to set up a back-drop and present each piece in appropriate ways. When you have all elements of the guide up and are ready to have your thread approved please note either Taralack or Ozriel and we will look over it, and either approve or deny the thread.

    Going into other people's threads offering to advertise for yourself or others will be an intractable offense and can be cause for your own thread removal and as well as a removal from the maker sticky. Conduct your business within your own thread, and take intimate details to a private messaging service.

    Disclaimer: It is not the responsibility of the FAF staff to keep tabs on both the buyers and sellers. it is up to you (the buyer and/or seller) to keep up with your payments (the buyer) and your work (the maker). If you feel that a person is not following on their end of the deal, I suggest going to Artists_beware on livejournal, also keep tabs on your emails and paypal invoices should an issue arise.
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