'Tis what Makes my Heart Sing

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    ‘Tis What Makes my Heart Sing:

    'Tis what makes my heart sing,

    Since 'twas first impressed upon me,

    Free grace Thou brought,

    Through the Spirit, I received with glee.

    Me a wretch depraved,

    Received mercy, now unashamed,

    But oh how I once behaved,

    Now I'm much differently framed.

    The old man now done away,

    The new life now given,

    In Thy bosom, never to go astray

    For much I've been forgiven.

    Thy righteousness mine,

    Imputed to my account,

    My sins Thine,

    Thy blood a fount.

    To the end near Thee I'll stay,

    Forever by Thee through Thy Son,

    Sealed by the Spirit until the last day,

    For Thou hast said: "it is done."

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