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Discussion in 'Writing & Prose' started by Monbai, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Monbai

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    I am looking for a short story for my OC, in exchange for an artwork done by me. I'm Monbai, and I've been on FA for quite a while now. I'm looking for a short story for my character Ginny Rowe.
    I'm looking for the story to be SFW, doesn't have to be epic or anything like that, but interesting enough to make her stand out as a character. She's in the UK. The images below are all done by me and are for the reference for Ginny.
    If you're a writer, and you are interested, please let me know through the forum or in note form on FA website.
    Please send me the link to your (safe for work) prose. I'll read them through. Thank you!

  2. ScarletLetters

    ScarletLetters #WritingCommission

  3. dozenfish

    dozenfish New Member

    I just wanted to comment and say I love your style! I really like her design.
  4. amethystskyes

    amethystskyes New Member

    It's too bad you're only offering art. I'm not looking for any art but she seems like a interesting character and I could totally have fun writing something for her.
  5. TikTikKobold

    TikTikKobold New Member

    I wonder what sort of art you are offering in return? I have a character I might want to create for my nsfw stories, so if character design interests you, then we can work something out, perhaps.
    As for my sfw stuff. This account is mostly for NSFW stuff, but luckily I have a SFW action piece.: Armin [Commission] by TikTikKobold

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