Transformation art, anyone into that?

Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by Activoid, Jun 21, 2017.

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    I've been a big fan of art portraying transformations since I started reading Animorphs when I was like 9 years old and they first hit the stores. I remember my dad taking me to a second-hand bookstore to buy me a book, and seeing the #3 book facing up on a shelf. I thought the cover was so cool; it was a dude turning into some kind of bird of prey, how totally radical would that book be, right? Especially since most of the books I had been reading at that age were just Judy B. Jones and Nancy Drew books, none of which I liked. So this was the first book I read without pictures. My dad bought it for me, and I took it home and read it. Noticed there was a sick flip-book animation in the corner. Didn't really comprehend the story too well until I bought the other books in the series.

    Anyways, I think transformation art is really neat. Now that I'm much older, I'm a big fan of anatomy and physiology and I think transformation art is a fun exploration of all the grey areas of what it means to be human and whatnot. I know some people out there like the fetish aspect of it, but that's not my cup of tea and I just think it's fascinating to look at.

    So yeah, looking for fellow fans or artists of transformation art, or anyone who has an opinion on it. Pretty open topic. Talk about what you want regarding it!
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    It happened to be by way of transformation artwork on TransFur (finding which was a byproduct of my interest in Warhammer's Lizardmen at the time) that I found the Furry Fandom.
    Funny you mention that, since that's become one of the central themes to my longest running literary project. Not to toot my own horn on the matter, but I've also been rather interested in the Kafka-esque aftermath of such transformations; how the transformee(s) react to their new circumstance, how the world reacts to them, and so on. It's been rather rare for me to find it come up in transformation-themed literature, unfortunately.

    With that said, I might have at one point enjoyed Animorphs had I more exposure to the series early on. By the time I actually developed an interest in transformation however, Animorphs held about as much appeal to me as the next youth novel series (including Goosebumps) and fell by the wayside in favour of novels by the likes of Tom Clancy or Jack Higgins, and I don't feel as though I'd get much enjoyment out of it now.
    You and I both.
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    Sort of tangentially relevant to the topic, what's a good word for drawing an anthro character with human photo reference?
    Like anthropomorphizing, except from human form to anthro form, if that makes sense.
    I drawed this (NSFW) Nibbles by Vinden with photo reference for the pose.
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    @Vinden I don't know if there is a word for it, per se... in the professional art community we just call it "using a reference". That's it. LOL. But hey, since you think there should be a word for it, go ahead and be the trendsetter and make up a word for it yourself.

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