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Discussion in 'Room and Ride Share' started by FizzyRazz, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Sergei Nóhomo

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    That graph makes next to no sense. You've got female and male then whatever the fuck those made up things are.

    Besides, saying they're biased would be like saying that the furry fandom is comprised of mostly straight men. Numerous studies have been done and published that state that the fandom is predominantly full of gay males
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  2. Nataku

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    Look, I get you may not be smart enough to count higher than two, and that's okay because furries are an accepting bunch no matter how limited your intellect, but that doesn't mean just because you don't like it that it does not exist.

    Likewise, you state numerous, yet provide no source. I would be interested in seeing these studies.
    Thus far, from what I'm drawing out of this graph, there are more males in the fandom that females, but the fandom has more heterosexual than homosexual members. Although also of amusing note, it appears the longer a male has been in the fandom, the more likely they are to be gay. Makes me wonder if homosexuality is a side effect for males of being furry. Ah, but how to test such a thing...
  3. Sergei Nóhomo

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    What are you going on about with numbers mate. There's male and female; nothing more and nothing less. Oddly enough some of these graphs say that at first you might be straight.. but then you like dick as you stay in it. Others are pointing to student as being the most dominant occupation for furries.

    Average age is around 14 - 28; give or take a few

    Let's also throw in a graph composed entirely from information on a furry dating site that, from what I understand, is fairly popular.

    Spoilers because it's some long ass shit

    If I cared enough I could dig up some more but I'll leave this here for now. Some studies say that there's a large amount of straights (~30 - 35%) however it's vastly overshadowed by gay + bi (bi is like half gay; still gay but varies on preference)
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    Just a reminder to all, if you disagree on things, keep it respectful. I'm just dropping that as a reminder before things get overly heated.
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    Actually, follow-up:

    This thread was a request for room-share by a forum member, not a debate about the percentage of a sex in the fandom or their orientation.

    So unless anyone who was dragging that into the thread is going to shift it back to the topic as it was intended, drop it. I'm not going to apply reply bans yet, but any further derailment or bickering about discussion that has absolutely nothing to do with the OP's goal will be met with administrative action.

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