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  1. BlueWorrior

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    Video game music can be weird sometimes: Some games have great soundtracks but because the game in question was bad or forgotten, they can remain under-appreciated.
    So this is a thread all about such game OSTs, the hidden gems, the diamonds in the rough.
    To qualify, the game has to be obscure or rarely talked about in detail. You can pretty much rule out major Nintendo releases because the fans will pick apart every single game that happens to have "Nintendo" written on it :L
    I'll start: Gradius Advance AKA Gradius Galaxies AKA Gradius Generation (srsly -_-) Has a few really cool tracks:
    Stage 1 -

    Stage 2 -

    These are unfortunately are the only two standout tracks in the game, the rest are a little naff :p
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  2. star control 2 was forgotten and it had a amazing soundtrack
    (example of one of them)

    advance wars is not very popular unfortunately, if you like fire emblem you would probably like this game, soundtrack is also amazing
    (no one uploads good quality versions and the extended is the only good quality version i could find)

    age of mythology was, well, a RTS and unfortunately not many people like RTS's anymore but has a good soundtrack that i always use when working on stuff
    (unfortunately this guy has compressed it and you can definitely notice it if you listen enough)

    act of war (direct action's soundtrack) was really forgotten and also a RTS and had a amazing soundtrack that unfortunately i cannot find the battle music anywhere on you tube
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  3. scythemouse

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    Okay. I'm going to submit a fave of mine, the soundtrack for Lords of Thunder.

    PC Engine Version

    Sega CD Version

    The songs are the same, but the instruments are different. An unusual thing for a multi platform game that uses live instruments. Which one you like is up to you.
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  4. Monstrocker

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    When no one cares for dragon quarter :(
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  5. Beatle9

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    The soundtrack to Bully:

    It's the kind of soundtrack that just kind of reminds you of when you were a kid. It's hard to describe, but I love it.
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  6. nerdbat

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    Ys I & II Chronicles. A PSP remake of frankly outdated couple of games that are barely known outside Japan, but often cited for pushing the boundaries of video game composing (Ys was one of the first games to take advantage of CD technology just for that purpose alone). Really, I consider OST in this version one of the best I've ever heard in my life - it sounds less like a soundtrack and more like something from badass symphonic metal album, with amazing use of string instruments and some really impressive soloing. As an important note, it was composed by Yuzo Koshiro, legendary VG composer who's mostly known for his work on Streets of Rage series (another bunch of OSTs that's often considered one of the best ever by many, but that's another story), so if that name tells you something, you already know you're in for a treat. For the rest, I just recommend to give it a try, I really can't sell it enough :D

  7. KimberVaile

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    Any track in Bust a Groove
    Same goes for Twisted Metal 2 and Vigilante 8.

    Earthbound - Pokey means business!
    Mother 3 - Porkys Porkies, Piggy Guys, Unfounded Revenge. I'm not making up these track titles by the way, you can look them up.
    Neverwinter Nights - Anything done by Jeremy Soule
    Zero Divide - Burning Blood, Waiting for the Sound of Thunder, Fate.

    Ok, done being a hipster retro cunt now.
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  8. zeroslash

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    Paper Mario 64

    Honestly, how often do you hear a game have a unique battle theme for each boss?
  9. FluffyShutterbug

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  10. Sergei Sóhomo

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    The TR OST of Planetside 2

    But more specifically

    The brass instruments just do so well to give it that oppressive atmosphere and I love it
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  11. Yakamaru

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    Emperor: Battle For Dune: Ghola

    Emperor: Battle For Dune: Not An Option

    Emperor: Battle For Dune: Tribute To Evil

    Emperor: Battle For Dune: Harkonnen Force

    Starfox: Corneria
  12. Ashwolves5

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    The world ends with you



    Shadow of Mordor

  13. Xaroin

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    IDK if this is underappriciated, but more people probably should know about it

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