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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zabrina, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Oh, goodness me, with my experience in posting threads, I wonder how long this'll stay up.

    We've all heard very popular opinions, "Oh, I love that band!" "Cutest animal ever!" And, sure, insert name here is a lovely actress, to some people, but not everyone.

    This is simply a thread to share an opinion of your's that most people don't agree on. For example, a certain movie or comic or a plain opinion that you just don't like. Remember to respect everyone's opinions!


    Whenever I try to read Homestuck, I'll get bored.
  2. Kalmor

    Kalmor Banned

    Knowing FAF I don't think that's going to happen....
  3. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Well, better safe then sorry.
  4. Recel

    Recel Insanity for the win!

    Pff... talk about unpopular opinions... :V
  5. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    My Little Pony isn't the greatest thing ever. In fact, I don't really like it.
  6. Faolan

    Faolan I came, I saw, I lagged out

    Now you just let slip the dogs, or ponies for that matter.

    Dubstep is the worst thing to happen to music in my lifetime.
  7. Percy

    Percy o-o

    That's probably not as unpopular of an opinion as you might think.
  8. PastryOfApathy


    You're right, however this now gives free reign for a wave of butthurt bronies to come in here bitch about how FiM is the greatest thing ever made.
  9. Icky

    Icky is the prettiest pony~

    >thread about unpopular opinions
    >people post opinions that are unpopular to small minorities (bronies, dubstep fans)

    Gay pride is silly.
  10. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    In general I don't enjoy computer games.
  11. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Skyrim is boring.
  12. Recel

    Recel Insanity for the win!

    Well... it is.

    Bite me! >:V
  13. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    Finally somebody else!
  14. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    I much prefer WoW, and though I respect her opinion, I don't enjoy my friend going on and on about how, "perfect," Skyrim is.

    Penises, very somewhat, gross me out. (The secret is revealed, I am no true furry! :V)
  15. Hewge

    Hewge Banana Party


  16. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Metal no no no.
  17. Seekrit

    Seekrit Active Member

  18. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    I don't really want a boyfriend or girlfriend right now.
  19. Seekrit

    Seekrit Active Member

    If you're gonna post stuff like that, why not just start a new confessions thread?

    Cinnamon, and all its relations, are disgusting glazed abominations.
  20. AlexInsane

    AlexInsane I does what I says on the box.

    You shall be trampled to death in your sleep by the hooves of justice.
  21. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Well, every day I'll hear someone whine about how much they want a date. Seems like an unpopular opinion to me.

    I don't really like anime.

    Bring it on, pony-player. >:V
  22. fonduemaster

    fonduemaster shine bright like her forehead

    Nicki Minaj is PURE talent.
  23. Seekrit

    Seekrit Active Member

    Give it a few years. 'Date' will be replaced by 'fuck' :v
  24. Neon Poi

    Neon Poi Member

    Bring back psychedelic therapy.
  25. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Hell, it already is. :V

    I don't mind canid fursonas, as long as they have a good design.
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