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Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Calci, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Calci

    Calci New Member

    So, since I am on a low budget, and because I have never been to a furry event, nor have I worn a fur costume, I am going light this year. I apologize if this in any way looks lazy or offends any of the hardcore fursuiters out there, I promise it was not my intention. I do plan on creating my own full fursuit down the line but for my first convention I didn't want to go overboard.

    That aside, let me know what you think. I promise not to cry...too much.


    P.S. I would love to have a strap on wolf snout or full face mask without ears to help move away from the neko look. I have found neither thus far. T_T
  2. Birdkisses

    Birdkisses Member

    I don't see an issue! people go dressed normally too, don't feel pressured. Some people start out with just a tail and ears. These would all look great together c:
  3. Calci

    Calci New Member

    Aww, thank you!! >.< I'm so new to this so I was unaware of what the norm was.
  4. speedactyl

    speedactyl Eccentric Friendly Aviator

    Looks normal for starting out. Then just keep adding on
  5. Rhee

    Rhee Member

    get leg warmers! maybe fur sleeves? or stockings for the sleeves?

    this looks good for a rave IMO

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