Very first attemps of drawing at all

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  1. Clary

    Clary Clary Sage is a very delicious herb.

    I submitted these pics already on main site, but since nobody notices a noob like me there, this seems to be a better place to get some critiques.

    This very first one is just based on a tutorial I found on main site, so theres no need to discuss about, I just wanted to share:


    Here I used a random photo of a wolf I found on google as reference


    Now things are starting to get interesing. This is my first one, which came full out of my mind. Tried to do it a bit more "Furry-styled" than the last one. Allthough this one still is no real artwork at all, I was a bit surprised, that I managed to do this in my 3. attempt of drawing. Perhaps his hairs look a bit boring.

  2. Clary

    Clary Clary Sage is a very delicious herb.

    There are two more I wanted to show, but was not able to upload them. Is there a limitation of pictures at this size in a single thread? It only sais "An error occured while uploading your file".
  3. Clary

    Clary Clary Sage is a very delicious herb.

    Ok I scaled down the quality a bit and now it seems to work, so here are two more pics.

    In this one I tried to apply some emotion. Somebody on FA alraedy told me that I failed with the placement of his ears. I think he was right. Nevertheless this one is my favourite. When I look at it for a short time, I want to hug and console him.


    This is my latest one. I'm not sure what I think about it. His muzzle looks a bit weird.


    Pls don't ask me, what I did with the paper that it got crumpled as much, I really don't know it :D
  4. SveltColt

    SveltColt Well-Known Member

    it looks good keep it up.
  5. Clary

    Clary Clary Sage is a very delicious herb.

    Thanks a lot.
    At least these ones were quite easy to create after reading some tutorials, but at the moment I'm bit unsure how to proceed. Should I do more simple sketches like these until I get better
    at them, should I try to learn how to draw other body parts now or perhaps start with learning how to color?
    One thing is, I've bought a wacom tablet, but I'm really struggling with this. I've tried to do those sketches with the tablet, but no way! I'm even unable to do a smooth circle with my tablet.
    This issue really slowes down my progress and makes me a bit disappointed.
  6. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Woah woah WOAH! Ease up on the weight of your strokes! i completely appreciate that you're using guides to draw but sketching with a much lighter graphite would do wonders for your final product. Don't sweat the inked lines either. There's no shame in going full pencil for sketches and practice. Graphite layers in shades better too which would make for better details. Even a soft ballpoint pen can work for thinner lines, hashing and shading. Also, mind the placement of facial details and ears on canines. The ears usually come up from (or near) the back of the head instead of straight up from the brow. Work on your strokes a bit with pencil (#2 works fine) and don't commit with ink so quick. There's no need to erase or touch up sketches; just use darker lines.

    Other than that, looking good.
  7. Rykhoteth


    Tablet too shaky smooth? Tape paper over the surface. It should still work fine, but the added friction helps stabilize your strokes immensely.

    To proceed: Alternate between studies and fun. Drawing furries is fun, but just drawing them you won't progress much, but it's good to see what you need to work on. Right now for studies, grab a textbook and read up on the "fundamentals" concepts. Pretty much every beginner tutorial ever will lead you from there.
  8. Clary

    Clary Clary Sage is a very delicious herb.

    Thanks for the advice you two.

    Your right PlusThirtyOne, I really used a too hard pencil with too much pressure before I applied the Ink. I grabbed a book about drawing, just like Rykhotech suggested and it says the same like you: Theres no need to erase strokes in your first attempts.
    I think I will do some of the exercises in it and focus on drawing furries again, when I got the basics.
    But now the big question is: Digital art is the direction I want to move into. But would you suggest to do the exercices with a pencil on paper instead or should I do them with my tablet directly, to get a feeling for it?

    And I've got another Question on tablets in general. You suggested to put a paper on my tablet to have more friction. That might help a bit but I think theres another big problem with it: The one I choosed is just too small! So its hard to imagine for me, how a stroke will lokk like, when the computer needs to scale it up to fit on my screen. Perhaps it could be a good idea, not to work with the whole screen, but only use an area, which is proportianal to my tablet size. Would do you think about it?
  9. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    That's pretty neat. I like the face shape on the first one and the side view the most. On the third the cheeks look really really wide for how narrow the face is. The side view is really cute. The last one came out a bit odd. Also the lines around the eyes in that one are a little creepy (the sunburst shaped lines) it makes them look super indented.. especially with the eyelids going over the lines. That didn't really happen with the other eyes though. A final thought: for some reason this style makes me think Muppets a little bit. I have no clue why.
    Anyway keep up the good work : )
  10. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    you're off to a good start! References are really cool to use, even professional artists use them. The only thing I can critique is the placement of the ears on the side view. They should be closer to the back middle of the head. n.n


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