Veteran's Day

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  1. Sarcastic Coffeecup

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    Just how moronic must you be to shit on the accomplishments of others in a tribute thread on a tribute day.
    I don't necessarily agree with all conflicts but there's a time and place for appropriate criticism, and this isn't that.

    To the vets here, I respect you guys. You've seen shit others view from the comfort of their censored screens. The word has lost a lot of meaning, but I respect you all.
  2. Kellan Meig'h

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    Thanks to all of you that have offered up your "Thank You" to all US veterans everywhere.

    Keep in mind, when we joined up for duty, we wrote a blank check to Uncle Sam for everything including our lives. I'm not sure everyone understands, I just ask that you refrain from maligning servicemen and women for this day.

    Thank you.
  3. Shane McNair

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    Our country is not a "liberal democracy", we're a constitutional republic. It always irks me how people always get this wrong, and even follow along with, and perpetuate, this gross misconception, including our own "leaders".

    Also, all the other western nations are too far gone at this point to worry about us. Between the havoc wrought by the sovereignty and economic liberty-destroying globalist behemoth known as the EU, political correctness, feminism, the emasculation of the Western male, and the real threat of Europe becoming an Islamic caliphate, I'd say other western nations already have enough of their own problems to worry about. And regardless of whatever Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. do, the only people who can fix America's problems are Americans themselves.

    Thirdly, our country's problems are not the doing of our military folks, and our situation is something they can't help, except that it would be a lot worse for us if they weren't there to defend us.

    Otherwise, I generally agree with your post, although this is not the right thread for it. Actually, it's pretty improper and disrespectful for this thread. I'd suggest you go start another thread about it, if that's what you want to discuss.
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  4. Shane McNair

    Shane McNair Adrenaline addicted Arwing pilot

    There's nothing honorable about war, but it could be said that there is honor in the reasons for fighting a war.
  5. We protect you from those who would rather destroy our ways of life. The ISIS member who would see your furry fandom as decadent and evil. The North Koreans who could snap into a murder-suicide rampage. The insurgents who want to destroy what we stand for.

    These are enemies to the people of the civilized world. Our countries aren't perfect but I'd die protecting it.
  6. Killing isn't glorious. It isn't celebratory. It isn't romantic like in games or movies.

    It's ugly. Its dirty. Its disgusting. But someone has to be good at it.

    Is it fair that we have to kill to protect our nation? No. It's also not fair that only 1% of us in the US actually volunteer to do it. Its not about fairness here. Its doing what must be done.

    "That's the nature of war. If you kill enough of them, they'll stop fighting." -Curtis LeMay
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