Vintage Video Gamers?

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Simo, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. GigaBit

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    Dang! How come I didn't stumble upon this thread earlier!
    I love vintage games!
    Sometimes when I'm bored I'll try and create music in the style of certain retro games.
    I just recently set up a MAME emulator on an old computer. Xevious is the best.
    I also have another old computer hooked up to a CRT TV in my bedroom that runs a crap-load of emulators. (Hopefully I'll remember to take a picture of it and post it here.)
    Other than emulators my console collection consists of:
    SNES (Not working at the moment)
    Gameboy + Color + x3 Advance+ x3 SP
    Original Xbox
    x3 Xbox 360s
    And a few others, but I felt they were to modern.
  2. Tecwyn

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    I still have all my old consoles from back in the day. (all Nintendo and PS consoles)
    Every now and then I still play a few of my old favorites like donkey kong country 2 or FF6/9

    While I still like modern games, the super NES / PSX era was the golden age of gaming in my opinion.
    Even after all this time, the games are still challenging and the pacing went really well.
    Especially the music had a lot of soul back then.

    Sometimes less is more I suppose
  3. Iovic

    Iovic Member

    My dad has a Commadore Amiga. I played Wizball on it once, it was pretty good.
  4. BronzeHeart92

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    Well, I'm mainly of the type that essentially prefers the latest tech whenever possible. So, don't expect me to keep consoles more than 5 years old if at all.
  5. GreenZone

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    was literally playing this last night while i forgot to close the forum window
    i do think some older video games were better dagger fall up there has yet to be surpassed in both scale and feel

    it just felt alive you looked to the distant mountains and wondered what might be lurking would you find a castle? some kind of creature only seen in legend? a cottage with a witch? or some kind of terrible monster that would give you nightmares (i was little when i played it)

    there's just this sense of wonder i still get from daggerfall that i don't get in other video games night fell and you thought "shit better find a town or shelter for the night"

    You just find random things in the wilderness like thieves bandits or ghosts and litches and wonder what their story is
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