Viper4android what is FET compressor

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Martin2W, Feb 10, 2017.

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    And how it alters sound?
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    FET (Field Effect Transistor) comression is probably the best form of sound compression out there. Compression is a schema that compresses (limits) the peak to peak value of the audio signal. This is preventing a signal from being too hot, swinging past the threshhold of what is accepted values for that signal. An example of too hot would be a fuzz box on a guitar. That is a too hot signal, distorting badly from being overdriven.

    A compressor is used to prevent vocals, etc. from being too hot or in the case of a guitarist, to even out the volume levels and prevent clipping during recording/playback or during a live performance. A compressor also gives a guitarist a bit of sustain, too.

    I hope this was not too technical for you. I'm gonna have a beer now.
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