Wait at least 24 hours for a moderator to approve your thread before posting another

Discussion in 'Art Sales and Auctions' started by Taralack, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Ark Celosar

    Ark Celosar New Member

    Hate to ask, but the thread I posted yesterday still hasn't been brought out of moderated mode. Like I said in the thread itself, this is the first time I've ever made a request for an artist, but It has been 24 hours.
  2. sho-shonojo

    sho-shonojo New Member

    I wasn't sure who to message about this, but my thread has been pending for over 24 hours.
  3. Chris Silverhoof

    Chris Silverhoof New Member

    Same here. :(
  4. sho-shonojo

    sho-shonojo New Member

    It's now been 72 hours since I posted my thread. Still awaiting approval. Is there anyone I can message about this?
  5. OverFur

    OverFur New Member

    Its been almost 4 days since i posted my thread
    Are the mods even there??
  6. Chris Silverhoof

    Chris Silverhoof New Member

    They are. It took much more than 24 hours for them to approve my thread, but they got to it in the end, and the result has been fantastic. I have got just the kind of replies from wonderful furry artists that I hoped for.
    Be patient, is all I can advice.
  7. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Moderator Staff Member

    Apologies for that. IRL work ended up becoming extremely hectic, and thread approval fell behind. However, we certainly never let it drop from our minds.
  8. Zipline

    Zipline Noodle Fish

    People actually wait for mods to approve things?? I never did that, just posted right away and had fun. Mods tend to close my favorite threads than "approve" them.
  9. Serena Elric

    Serena Elric Member

    Well its been a week and I haven't received any info on my posting or were I can pay for it. So... what do I do or how do I know its been approved?
  10. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Created a new thread few days ago because first one was rejected. Fixed everything, now waiting for approval! Thanks in advance ^w^
  11. gurofur

    gurofur New Member

    My threads always take like 2 weeks to be greenlit :(:(:(:(
  12. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    deleted my thread and posted a new one because threads posted later than mine are now public...
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  13. Shadify

    Shadify Yiffox

    So how long now it takes to check and approve a thread? About 3 days?? Just to be sure for the future threads.
  14. xanderless

    xanderless Member

    threads posted after mine have been approved so if theres a reason mine wasn't please let me know
  15. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Shut up fag you're not even a mod or around anymore, you have no power over me. >:U

  16. Atsuma

    Atsuma Need to find RPs...

    just remove this stuff. ist stupid. im sick of waiting , I find artists on DA faster.
  17. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Moderator Staff Member

    Did you post a thread in the Art Sales and Auctions section?
  18. Atsuma

    Atsuma Need to find RPs...

    No when i do it takes more than two days and by that time I find artists on DA.
  19. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Moderator Staff Member

    I looked back through your posting history, and the last time I see you posted in the Art Sales section I see you had asked an artist to hold a slot, and then nothing after that.

    Are you referring to the Art Exchange and Trades, which is where you seem to post more? If so, this is not the location to post about not finding artists for the works you want. The Art Sales is for securing paid transactions, and the Art Exchange is for requesting free pieces, which artists are far less obligated to offer or accept.
  20. Atsuma

    Atsuma Need to find RPs...

    Thats because i always delete the posts before they get listed. and yes the The Art Sales is what I mean

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