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Discussion in 'Art Sales and Auctions' started by Taralack, Nov 12, 2013.

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    I do apologize for the delay in the post being approved or denied. That was simply due to work obligations, and I would have gotten to it within the standard 24 hours had I been able.

    I'm sorry if the $5 limit is frustrating for your usual pricing and practices, it became necessary some years ago to implement a bare minimum pricing limit for the section. The section was regularly being inundated by offers for artwork that essentially consisted of nothing more than extremely minimalistic sketches. In a totally hands-off approach, that wouldn't pose a problem. However, it crowded out a large number of artists that were advertising higher quality art, even a notable number of them that were offering surprisingly high quality pieces for only moderate prices. As a result, the huge numbers of super-cheap threads blocked exposure for very impressive potential offerings, and actually drug the section's appeal down by a big measure.

    The $5 minimum price requirement was implemented as a measure to cut it down. And as minimal as the $5 bar was, it did quite a bit to reduce the crowding, and got far more threads the exposure they were looking for. So at present, there are not plans to remove that limit.

    Some rules are in the process of being revised, but that will be announced when it goes into effect.

    But just like on the main site, the rules as they are are clearly posted. The top of the section does state very clearly that $5 is the minimum price, so if that rule is ignored an infraction is issued. The stickies contain the rest of the information as well. We understand that breaks them up a bit, that is one of the things which is being revised. But even as the rules are now, it still falls on the users to read what is posted at the top of a section before rushing in to post. And as an assurance, at the very least, the procedure of issuing a warning for such a rule violation is something I implemented as a reduction in offense results. The old penalty was a temporary bar from the section, and I felt that went a bit too far.

    If you are unwilling or unable to alter your prices for your standard material to fit the section's requirements, perhaps consider a special offer or the like. Something different from your standard stuff, meant to fit the needs and stand out from your usual material.

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