Wanna learn to draw furry pls help

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  1. Hey art community I would like to know the best/normal difficulty way to draw a furry with a pencil or mouse
    can you help?
  2. CrazyDragon

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    Practice anatomy, add dog head; done
  3. Butt_Ghost

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    You rub the pencil on this thing called a piece of paper and lines come out.
    Really though here's the obligatory set of Loomis artbooks I give to anyone who asks how to learn to draw: www.alexhays.com: Save Loomis!
    Never drawn before? Fun with a Pencil is where you start. You don't necessarily have to read the whole thing cover-to-cover as long as you get enough info to do and understand the exercises. Once you know how to draw a human body, go to google and ask it for some tutorials on drawing the animal you want, or if you've read that book you might work out some ways to draw it yourself. Google is great, you can ask it anything and don't have to wait for it to read your thread and respond. It also doesn't get sick of hearing the same question over and over, it's really great.

    Please, please don't draw with a mouse. Just don't. If someone's mastered drawing with a mouse then they've mastered drawing in the worst way possible and are an outlier that you shouldn't copy.
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  4. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Wow that's a really useful site there, thanks for sharing!
  5. xXmaruXx

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    zootopia art of book
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    lol pretty much what crazydragon said. I used to draw just regular ol' dogs and stuff, couldnt draw hyoomins. Furry was my gateway to learning human anatomy and being able to actually somewhat draw them, haha!
  7. Personally I've never had much luck with art books, or "formal" drawing methods at all. The most important things are to just get out there and do it.
    Practice really does make perfect, or at least good. Another crucial element is to never let yourself get frustrated. you will never, ever be able to draw well
    when you are angry. just take a break and come back later. I'd also suggest attempting to copy existing images. this works especially well with lineart.
    You shouldn't post these copies online without getting permission from the original artist, even if they are your work, but it is great for honing your skills.
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