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    Lmao none of these are even remotely furry related but I just... you guys gotta read these. Trust me on this.

    Okay so if you're gonna take anything away from this thread, you HAVE to read Novæ. Like... I've read a lot of webcomics in my spare time, and there's plenty of fantastic stories out there... but nothing compares to Novæ. The art is absolutely breathtaking, the mystery is enticing, the lore is enchanting, and the characters are equally lovable and interesting. To give you a quick blurb on what it's about, I'll just paste the description from the site.

    So yeah... if any of you are fans of
    historical fiction, astronomy, mystery, or romance, this story is for you! Even if it isn't, it's worth a try just for the stunning art. Anyways, I'll link the comic here, give it a shot if you have time ^-^

    Other than Novæ (which is the main reason why I'm posting this ngl), I'll list a few other comics you guys might be interested in. If you're a fan of cute witches and a bit of mindless fun, Unfamiliar is a fun read. Griefer Belt is a story I've been following for a few years now. The art style starts off iffy at best, but it's improved lots over the years and now has a very consistent, clean style. The site's description of it being "a slice of life series about queer criminals in the black market" sums it up pretty nicely. It's a pretty easy and fun read, and I know the fandom's full of gays so there's a bit of an incentive for you lmao.

    I could list some more but that's enough for now. But give some support to
    Novæ! It doesn't have nearly as much love as it deserves. (P.S. if you do get into it, it has a prequel which you should read to give context to the story, and also a comic written in the same universe which is equally important to cracking Novæ's mysteries.)

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