What are the number one mistakes of first time fursuit makers?

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  1. We all know the classics, dogs with square noses, larger foreheads...what are some more subtle ones that can be avoided though? Anyone who commissions fursuits or has been making them a while I would love your feedback.
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    I'm a beginner and I've made small things (mini mannequin full suit for a drawing dummy and tails/gloves) and my biggest problems were probably 1.fur amounts ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS measure with a 1-2 in margin or even more if you can spare it 2. Seams I couldn't always get them to look seamless so yeah that's another problem
    3.claws misaligned I couldn't always get the claws on right but just check and double check before gluing on and you'll be alright

    ADDITION: Also this is a problem that this person made on 3+ masks https://d.facdn.net/art/huskyton3/1336529210.huskyton3_dagger_the_wolf_fursuit_head.jpg
    though I'm not sure if it'll show the pic or just a link but yeah so just DON'T do what this maker did
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    Do you have a live journal account? This page has tons of stuff to browse through: http://fursuit.livejournal.com/

    Anyway, I've found that although I need to be critical of my work, I need to understand it won't be perfect. It will just frustrate you to no end obsessing about every little thing. There is no shame in a few flaws. Also, you need to make sure that your head has personality. Dead/soulless eyes with a flat expression looks creepy and you need to make sure that the face matches the character you are trying to portray. So no doofy looks on your serious fursona.
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    "Drag queen eyebrows"- where the eyebrows are not level.
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    Lol you make me laugh xD cause it's true!!!

    Also I'll be stalking this board for tips xD (not in a creepy way)
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  6. Facial features out of preportion and dis-oriented and also they never seem to shave the fur!
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    Don't forget un-even shaving. Whenever I see that I'm like"how hard is it to go slowly so it turns out nicely?" I actually find shaving fur soothing.....until I breathe some in and start sneezing everywhere,that I find annoying
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  8. Deo

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    -non-symmetrical foaming/base structure
    -cone-shaped heads (common in all-foam heads)
    -stupid looking eyes (usually made out of foamies, paper shit, or something retarded)
    -giant foreheads
    -giant muzzles
    -the person didn't plan for how much bulk fur adds to a head so now the finished head is huuuuuuuge compared to their body
    -vision ports were not planned and sort of wandered off into the middle of the face
    -cheap fun fur
    -shaved out chunks
    -globby nasty "airbrushing"
    -hot glue visible
    -unfinished inside of mouth
  9. Dokid

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    Depends on what shavers or scissors you have.

    My first head I used really really old terrible clippers. So what it resulted in was uneven shaving that was extremely choppy. Although in normal daylight you can't tell.

    Another thing is when people have mistakes that make me think "did at any point during their construction did they think 'hey. maybe I did something wrong' as well as other things"

  10. Deo

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    Oh, your picture also reminds me, fur direction is important. The fur on the above suit has the fur going in the opposite direction on the ears and forehead.
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    I have a question Deo. Have you ever met someone who absolutely refused to take any critique on their fursuit? So then it comes out a monstrosity?
  12. Deo

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    More people refuse critique than I can count. Have I ever met someone... oh lawdy that's funny. No, most people are horrendously offended that I would dare tell them that their masterpiece has even the smallest of flaws, even if it is an abomination that needs to be lit on fire.
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    How can it be that difficult to make something at least halfway decent? I mean, do these people even know what animals look like? If you spend enough time on art, not rushing, you should get something, while not professional, that isn't an eyesore.

    The biggest mistakes have to be the people rushing the project for a con, having an overinflated ego when it comes to their work (ie taking criticism as trolling), and for some, completely failing to understand what living creatures look like.
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    Lol like the Dagger mask by Huskyton oh man it need to be lit so badly
    Yeah that's why when I make a suit I'm gonna have tons of pics of a husky and my reference art
    Plus I don't have to rush it cause I dont think it's worth making a crappy suit then paying money to go to the cool areas of the con with a crap suit and having people ridiculing you
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  15. I'm certainly not an expert, but:

    - 'Head Injury Eyes' when suits have a weird, unfocused stare that makes them look like they've recently received a concussion.

    -Ears being just a triangle stuck on the head, with no curvature at all.

    -Head being put right on top of the head, in the centre.

    -Eyes that aren't made of resin, buckram, plastic or any other materials that aren't the standard. Creativity and innovation is one thing...but some techniques have become widely used for good reason. If 'foam eyes' weren't invariably horrifying, makers would probably be using that technique. Eyes really can make or break something. Creepy eyes on an otherwise great suit makes for creepy suit.

    - 'I just took a fuzzy poop' tails. where someone has just stuffed a cylinder made of fake fur and it has no shape to it.
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    I cannot emphasize this enough. I have seen so many fursuits with decent colour-schemes & good construction get ruined by the creep-eyes.
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    I honestly don't know why people even react that way. critique is one of the best things you can get because it show what you need to fix or improve. :/

    Yeah mine came out like one of those sadly. Mostly because I had no idea how to do eyes and didn't realize that eyes are first to be put on.

    Link please?
  18. Rushing is probably the worst thing you can do when building anything, if you research proper construction, plan things out and take you time building it you should come out with something at least half-way decent.
  19. Wereling

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    This is the worst mask I've ever seen and it has tons of problems
    1.the nose is DRAWN onto the fur so it looks like a spot of different colored fur
    2.the ears are just 1 piece of 1/2 in foam with fur so they have no shape to them
    3.EYES need I say more?
    4.the tail is one of those "fuzzy poop" tails
    5.the pawsare just ovenmitts with fur and claws built over them
    6.it's WAAAYY too big for this girl just check out her videos and you'll see (I don't have a link cause im on my iPod)
    7.the mouth is crappy as well
    8.She said she had to get it done by a con so yeah RUSHED
    I think she should've just not made the masks,saved time and money and just go buy one
    But I think you'll all agree that one of the biggest problems beginner suit makers have is their egos cause try ask for help then people give constructive criticism and the maker ignores it entirely and ends up making a piece of crap suit
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  22. That has got to be the most bastardized fursuit I have ever seen.

    Ya, learn what NOT to do.
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    What's worse than one mask made by Huskyton? THREE masks made by Huskyton and looking as bad as Dagger
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