What are the number one mistakes of first time fursuit makers?

Discussion in 'Fursuiting & Costuming' started by paroapockinroo, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Rivers Bluetail

    Rivers Bluetail Furry Little Blue Guy

    That's alright I guess. And I suppose being a giant intimidating neon animal thing isn't exactly something where your judged on height.

    Another question (because knowledge is power):
    I do sports like paintball and airsoft, so vision is usually very limited through those masks. If visibility better or worse than that?
  2. Umbra.Exe

    Umbra.Exe Revolver Snocelot

    Yep, I think people are most likely to notice the giant animal walking around, rather than notice said animal's exact height.

    I don't play airsoft, and never wore a fursuit head, but based on what I've seen in videos, I'm willing to guess fursuit vision is worse. I saw airsoft masks at Goodwill yesterday and saw they have goggle-like eye protection, but fursuits just have the eyes or tear ducts to look through, with a blind spot in the middle. Sometimes people add vision through the eyes and nose, or in some cases the neck, so that could improve visibility a bit.
  3. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    It would really depend on how the eyes are built. Tear duct vision is going to be very limited compared to an ultra toony giant eyed one. I would think that it would a bit worse just because your hearing might be lessened because of the foam.
  4. Rivers Bluetail

    Rivers Bluetail Furry Little Blue Guy

    I figure I'll be able to see through the iris and colored part of the eye with mesh, it looks like my best option.
    Meh, I'm used to poor hearing (comms make it hard, everything's either too quiet or too lout), but that sounds about right. I don't really plan on going into combat scenarios in-fursuit though, so I'm not too concerned :p
  5. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    Well the third one would look a whole lot nicer if she didn't have it so thick up top. It looks like a tumor grew near there. I don't think the fur is too short. Just it's very very large.

    For the second one it seems like the tube tail that doesn't really ever work unless it's a rodent or something. It also looks like he didn't stuff it properly and is made of cheap fabrics.
  6. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    Do you think we could sticky this thread? Before it gets lost within the pages.
  7. Mikhal18

    Mikhal18 Best. Custom User Title. Ever.

    Seeing so many atrocities made me think... Should I reeeeally create my fursuit? Chances are it will look hurrible D:
    I've never made one, and honestly, my hands are not really good for this kind of stuff, at least, if I don't have help with some details...D:
  8. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    Haha don't worry. Just if you make a durrsuit don't close your ears and ignore good advice. That's what you'll need to improve. Also if you follow most of the stuff here it won't be a terrible mess.

    You can always make something better than this

  9. Zaraphayx

    Zaraphayx Banned

    Don't forget the SPH.
  10. Mikhal18

    Mikhal18 Best. Custom User Title. Ever.

    I do like critics, otherwise I wouldn't get myself into anything at all :|
    Still, some of those pics are *so* motivational :V

    My goal: have a "non-sparkly", "regular", "not-so-crappy" suit <3
  11. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    Haha well sometimes sparkly is good. Anyways most of the time suits come out derpy looking because the person didn't do enough research or get any advice on it. So something like having way too big ears is easily fixed, but when you don't show it to anyone till you're completely done we can't do much. I mean we could say "re do it" but its a lot more hassle than if we told you to trim them down when you were still foaming.
  12. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Lordy, this thread was the best book I've ever read.

    I'm feeling pretty informed on the foam head, but when the head is finished, when do I add the eyes, before or after it's furred?

    Oh, a quick tip. Use your inner hair dresser, because chunky, chopped up fur NEVER looks good. And If your fursuit is a very certain species, (Koala, bear, squirrel, ect.) Look up pictures of the animal online and draw it a bit. You don't want people to look at your bunny and say, "Hey, it's a fox!"

    And, word of advice, be careful when forming the head shape. You don't want it to look like a shoe.
  13. Razzyrazz

    Razzyrazz the celestial warrior of tango

    I want to try and make a fursuit head. I really, really do. My biggest obstacle? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEW. I don't know the first thing about sewing or fabric (I've always preferred to sculpt and paint instead), so...is it really possible to overcome this? I'm going to attempt to make some feetpaws, since I don't HAVE to sew them, but for a head/anything else it's necessary, so I feel lost. D:
  14. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    Practice sewing on cheap fabric. Sewing is always better than hot glue and will make your stuff last so much longer. Just take baby steps. Sew a line. Sew a pillow. It gets easier the more you try.
  15. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    Since I've finished by 2nd fursuit head...here's what I've learned.

    Make the eyes lower for a feline head or else it starts looking like a mouse.
    Make sure that the bottom jaw is connected to the top in a "V" shape.
    Be more dramatic with carving or else it's shape is very dull.
    Shave ears much much shorter before attaching.
    Don't cut corners by trying to do a make shift ear pattern. Just buy more duct tape for it.

    Annnnd that's all. We'll see what happens with my next one!
  16. Furlover123

    Furlover123 SoulSpirit

    This is so helpful! Keeping track.
  17. kobidobidog

    kobidobidog New Member

    What should never be a mistake is to have parts on a fur-suit real or fake that they never made. When hotels at conventions allow the sight of them they will accspt their own body at the same time.
  18. Zabrina

    Zabrina Awoken

    Faces aren't the only things that are important on a good suit, it's the fur you use. Any time I see a suit that has fur similar to the fabric of a towel, I cringe. Also, (this is mostly on partial suits,) fur that's so flat it doesn't really look like fur at all, just clumpy and kind of..there. It's tough to describe.

    Square muzzles that are too long/uneven are another.
  19. sniperfreak223

    sniperfreak223 More Metal Than You !!!

    -uneven muzzles
    -flat or disproportionate ears
    -insufficient ventilation
    -cheap fur
  20. pinkjaydadutchie

    pinkjaydadutchie New Member

    I have been in the fandom for about 3 years now and have only made suit this year. I see a lot of the furry slippers, but what I seed the most often that usually messes up the suit is the bucket head method, I prefer foaming on a balaclava base and no foam on the back of the head for a more natural look.

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