what are the thoughts of my fursona?

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whats the thought?

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  1. W21

    W21 New Member

    (Yes i new to the site but not the fandom...)

    Ok so i thought about how id want my fursona to look for week or two and finally though of what i liked and i'm looking for some extra ideas to make it better.
    I was thinking (get ready for a generic choice) a wolf. With a football jersey that has #21 (sorta matches the one i wear for school). For design he would have a color template of Red, Black, and Gray. Scars here and there? Not complete just looking for ides. Im in highschool btw so any extra ides that can come out of that are open for use?
  2. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    I don't see many sports loving fursonas often, most are kinda lame in the personal interests department, so props to you for starting off with development of personality. Scars often play a visual metaphor to convey the character has some hardships beyond their physical hardships. I think an area to go over is "what does my character look like from the outside?". It's the best way to come to terms with what you want it to be.
  3. W21

    W21 New Member

    I added the scars because, i gave lots of scars on my body from playing sports and doing things that are dangerous. For example i have 3 huge scars on my back from it getting gashed open, lots on my arms, and along with hardships ive had to deal with uh ... depression?
    And with personal interest i love football, videogames, not really the bully type more like helping the outcast that cant get along with others, like photoshopping and digital drawing? doesnt seem like a normal football players personality, right? theres more but i cant think of all right now:) thanks if you could help give designs since im fairly new to the whole fursona thing?

    I also have a youtube channel: www.youtube.com: DnM Gaming57
    ( im the one running the ball i have more like a dominant male personality but am open and not douche like lol) so not much of badass and more approachable

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