What Are You Drawing?

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by XoPachi, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Mobius

    Mobius Mech pilot.

    Preddy much.
  2. Royn

    Royn Otterest Sergal evah!

    Apparently, a disturbing amount of ironically timed problems to solve.
  3. Kenyatta

    Kenyatta New Member

    I've only finished up to lineart on this, getting ready do do my first color layer c:

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  4. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

  5. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    Interesting! Just out of curiosity , how long did it take you to do that?
  6. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    One time I had a draw with a friendship that ended in spot on catastrophe but that was ages ago
  7. Revous

    Revous Member

    Whenever I see this thread I have the urge to just post "porn." because it is 99% of all I draw.

    By the way, does anyone know if I can post censored pics? Like with naughty bits blocked out or blurred.
  8. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    Ask a staff member if you are permitted to link to content in your furaffinity gallery that is age-limited.

    I didn't time myself, but probably about an hour to get to that stage.
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  9. KeitoTheMidnightFox

    KeitoTheMidnightFox ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    I made this today as my branding for soundcloud/DJ sona.

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  10. narutogod123

    narutogod123 Void Mage

    Redraw of my very first characters :D

    img004.jpg redraw-FA.jpg
  11. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

  12. Mobius

    Mobius Mech pilot.

    concept gun for a project im working on
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  13. Shalmons

    Shalmons bird

    looks stunning so far! *v* <3

    [​IMG] very close crop of a fullbody illustration that has been taking an embarrassingly long time :I (major wings+detail regret)
    but i'm finally sorta seeing the light at the end of the inking tunnel, so then it's just cleanup & colors that don't take near as long!
  14. Jax Cottontail

    Jax Cottontail Active Member

    Here's what I am currently working on:
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  15. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    I prefer paintin on my tablets but its super expensive so sometimes I just stick with the good ol fashion diary
  16. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    my part of a art trade

  17. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri


    I will likely be working on this for a very long time.
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  18. Jax Cottontail

    Jax Cottontail Active Member

    Just finished this one really happy with how it turned out.
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  19. Wacofox

    Wacofox New Member


    Don't mind me. This is just me warming up, stretching my skills to as far as they could possibly go.
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  20. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri


    A little more progress.

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