What Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Daisy La Liebre, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been made, but oh well. Apologies if this is breaking the rules somehow.

    "The Package" - A Perfect Circle
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  2. Heliophobic

    Heliophobic Active Member


    That feel when you get the first post in a thread this big.
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  3. DJ-Moogle

    DJ-Moogle Member


    Big fan of Indie rock :3
  4. Willow

    Willow *honks la cucaracha horn*

    Was listening to


    Right now though I'm listening to Alice in Wonderland playing in the background on TV.
  5. I got Revolution 909 by Daft Punk on.
  6. DarkNoctus

    DarkNoctus Frostbitten Furfaggot

    Lantlôs - Mittsommerregen

  7. Xavan

    Xavan New Member

    My dad drilling a hole in the floor, and Larry the Cable Guy.
  8. Delta

    Delta Fun times in FAFylon

  9. Aeturnus

    Aeturnus \m/ Rock on \m/

    Sloth by Saint Vitus
  10. Drumcorps - Down

  11. ~secret~

    ~secret~ Banned

    I've got Red fever

  12. Shindo

    Shindo :3c

    tech house radio

  13. Corwin Cross

    Corwin Cross Unofficial FAF Welcome Person

    Indie Rokkers by MGMT. Just discovered it today. One of the best songs I've ever heard.
  14. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
  15. DarkNoctus

    DarkNoctus Frostbitten Furfaggot

    Rosetta - TMA-1
  16. RockTheFur

    RockTheFur Guest

    30 Seconds to Mars - Buddha For Mary
  17. Shred Uhh Sore Us

    Shred Uhh Sore Us Unbreakable

    Unmastered instrumentals of what I did in the studio last week.

    I'm so lame, I listen to my own music...a lot haha.
  18. Monster.

    Monster. The future Mrs. Schmuck

    I have to disagree; that's a pretty good practice, imo.

    I'm listening to Satisfaction - DJ Tiesto; dunno why, but I've been listening to him a lot lately.

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