What do you guys think of an Art Storage

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Do you want a storage?

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  1. Yes, that sounds ideal

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  2. No, what is the point?

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  3. Possibly

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  1. Redfoxbennaton

    Redfoxbennaton New Member

    This is an idea had taken from DeviantART and thought it would be great if you would apply it here. I would like to ad an art storage. Let's put a storage for art here, let's say you had a picture you liked but it's inappropriate or unwanted on the gallery. And you want to keep the score of how many views,comments, and faves you got. Well having a private storage would be a great setting for FurAffinity. No more sacrificing good art. If there was a commission or a request you regret and no one cares about, just hide it in the designated Storage and you're all good. No one has to see the submission, because it's all private to you.

    What you could do for this is save it in your art storage. You don't delete it.

    I know this may seem self concious, but I think it's a splendid idea.

    So how's that sound?

    If there is anything good about FA is that the security despite a few D-Dos attacks have been very good. The site cannot be crawled and you can hide your faves! This sure is one great security system.


    I don't post here often so I'm sorry if it is a dumb question.

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