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Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by KageSakuraclown, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. KageSakuraclown

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  2. InpuOsirisson

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    Honestly, the only thing I think you could work on is improving the depth on the pictures. Lighting, shading, and stuff. The style is your own, so it shouldn't change..

    They are good.

    Oh.. and I want to burn those clowns... alive.
  3. Revous

    Revous Member

    I personally love your style and think that perhaps the only thing you could play with (to see if you like, it's not like you MUST.. just a thought) is lineart.

    Watercolor is pretty unforgiving of shaky hands and it bleeds at a heartbeat, which doesn't help when we want defined shapes and such. I worked with loads of watercolor during college, I know the pain... so I suggest a slightly thicker lineart. You can do lineart in color too, I love Stabilo pens for doing lineart on watercolor pics.

    Like.. your "Friends" piece is gorgeous and it has a great linework. "Kefka Magic Show" is also gorgeous but it could use thicker lineart. "The Circus Fox" is SO lovely but due to the inherent "fuzziness" of watercolor edges, the shapes get a little lost in the process.
  4. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    oh alright I will work on that and um why burn the clowns? I love clowns
  5. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    I never try stabilo pens are they good? do they come in alot of colors? and I will work on my lineart tho to be honest the circus fox didn't come out as well as I had hoped I should have start with the dark shadows first and I wanted him to be far more red then yellow maybe I will redraw it
  6. Revous

    Revous Member

    I love Stabilos! They come in a RAINBOW of colors (their slogan is "Stabilo, more colors than you know"), so many options it's hard to buy just a few. I personally have around 4-5 sets of them, they also carry specific color sets (neons, basic colors, pastel colors, etc) in dozens of different cases. Stabilos are a tad expensive depending on where you are, but to be honest I think they're worth it. As felt tip pens, they have two options, the thick (for lineart or blocking in color) and the thin (for tiny details and delicate lineart). They're so worth it!

    Just google "stabilo colors" and you'll see!
  7. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    oh they sound great I will look them up thank you for telling me about them
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  8. DoeDog

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    Start looking into composition and color harmony and you'll see improvement.
  9. It might be a good idea to try some studies of real people/places/things. It's always useful to get a good grasp of things like anatomy and lighting. I really like your color choices, however, I think they are very fun! And appropriate for the subject matter.. (ps I love clowns too!)
  10. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    alright I will
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  11. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    I have been trying to draw real thing I will keep at it and thanks & yay yay
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  12. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    what do you guys think? I have been working on everything you said ,


  13. phamtuyet1408

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    In think you con do it well. Try your best to achieve your dream.
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  14. Aleksion

    Aleksion They killed me

    A circus fetish? It's good, by looks like it was done by a child who knows how to paint, but not by a professional.
  15. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

    I don't have a fetish -_- , child who knows how to paint, but not by a professional. ? does that mean?

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