What is the creepiest thing that has ACTUALLY happened to you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RandomNinja11, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. RandomNinja11

    RandomNinja11 Meme King

    First of all, no fake stories, please :)
    thanks buddies.

    Anyways, just post here what the creepiest thing to ever happen to you so far is. So long as it's not fake, then i'll take it :D

    I'll go ahead and start off, I guess:
    Back when I lived in Germany at the age of 9, I'd gotten back from a very plain day of school. Nothing special happened really, we played games, learned some things and I overthought just about all of it, as usual. The rest of the day went on about the same after I'd returned home. I did the few math problems I had as homework and read a couple of my assigned book (I forget the title, but I remember there was a LOT of racism in it, being set in the 1960's) and went on to play some video games, Halo 3 being my favorite at the time. Once it got to my bedtime, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep. About 4 hours into my rest, I'd woken up. No illumination whatsoever, I even checked if my alarm clock were at my head as it always were on a small shelf. There was nothing. I assumed it'd died for a while but I decided to get some sleep. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't help but notice... I had to pee. I didn't think much of it, still annoyed more than ever that my lightswitch was on the other side of the room. Unfortunate for me at the time especially, because my tired mind thought backwards and put my legs to the right of my bed (my bed was pressed against the wall on the right side). Strangely enough, there was a gap at least 1.5 feet away from my bed. It took me a couple of second to comprehend then I went into a mild shock, wondering how my bed had moved. I remembered my alarm clock had a plug for its power supply, not a battery so I reached to my headstand and fiddled for buttons on the right side. Nothing... Not even a nightstand! My mirror, shelves, alarm clock, all of it! GONE! Just plaster. My shock level increased rapidly. I scrambled for my the left side of my bed where there would usually be roughly 3 meters of space before hitting a wall. Plaster, again. Except now it was immediately at the side of the bed, flushed against it perfectly. I reached for the foot but only to be greeted by a fourth wall in my immediate area made of plaster. In the most horrified mindset i've ever been, I thought the worst, i'd been kidnapped and I would soon be met with rapists, murderers or people just wanting a quick buck, no matter what the cost. I fell backwards to lay on my bed, to fall asleep until this go over. a few minutes in (I believe it was 30 but time doesn't exactly feel right when you feel you're going to die in a matter of seconds) and I hear water. The sound of waves such as in an ocean. I thought less of that because my mom had one of those silly "sounds of the rainforest" things; still worrying nonetheless. I soon fell asleep, thinking of ways to get out of any future treachery until I woke up. I was greeted with my room. Untouched. My possessions exactly where I placed them, my bed still in its exact usual location and nothing out of the ordinary.
    It's been 8 years and I still don't know what happened that day. I know it wasn't a dream, I bit my hand hard just in case it were. When I woke up, the teeth marks were still there. I'm just glad it wasn't the worst possible situation.
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  2. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    That's really odd, never had a situation that real objects were misplaced.

    The two creepiest instances in my life were when I was younger, when I would regularly have extremely bizarre scary dreams. But neither of these two incidents was a dream, but something that had to do with my brain none-the-less.

    The first one was in 2009, when my brother and I were still together and I was sleeping in a bunk above next to a window. I was staring outside while trying to sleep, and I noticed the branches of the trees outside made a face, that proceeded to move its mouth and talk words I couldn't understand. I freaked me the hell out and that was the first time I only got 3 hours of sleep.

    The next instance was in 2011, when I was on vacation in Florida (I live there now). I was laying on a couch, playing DS. It was 12 AM and no one else was awake. I suddenly felt a tense tingling behind my neck and soft noises in every direction. Everything around me felt more imposing, and I began to feel threatened for no reason I could explained. I rushed to the nearest bedroom out of aimless fear over presumably nothing.
  3. Xaroin

    Xaroin Sprsh

    Well, I once got lost in some woods.
  4. Libane

    Libane New Member

    I was almost molested by a teacher when I was 10.
  5. Wonderloaf

    Wonderloaf I'll kill me faster then you

    I used to live in the basement of my old house, my step brother and I shared the room down there. One night we were staying up late on a school night and heard someone upstairs so bolstered into bed pretending to already be asleep. About 20 minutes passed as we just chatted concluding we should just sleep. Looking towards the entrance to the room I noticed something peeking around the corner.
    I whispered
    "Jake, do you see that?"
    He turned looking where I was looks back at me then back at the door
    Using a quietly toned voice he asks "mom?"
    This dark rounded figure that was presumably just a head peeking around a corner. Turns abrubdtly straightening it's head as it swivels the rest of its body. A shaded figure with too long of arms stood there starring. Jake and I cower pulling the blankets over us I say
    The figure jets forward at breakneck speed and we hide under the covers. I've never been able to explain other then hallucination I don't believe in spirits or anything of the sort I texted him about a month ago to verify that happened.
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  6. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Some really major fire broke in apartment building, just 2 floors below my room. Everybody's screaming, glass shards and smoke everywhere, etc. I was mostly scared for my two cats, though - was quick enough to take documents and leave the room, but wasn't fast enough to find them and take them with me (since there was so much smoke that I would suffocate if I stayed for any longer). Thankfuly, nothing happened to them, and my room didn't get lit too, but yeah, it was one scary-as-fuck experience.
  7. Timber-Dawg

    Timber-Dawg New Member

    The silent black triangle UFO i observed in the day time.
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  8. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    The creepiest thing I've seen happen occurred out in Cuthbert, Georgia. We were at a local tattoo guy's house, playing with a Oujia board and we put a silver coin on the board which supposedly makes you immune to having the spirits following you around for life. We started by asking the spirit "What is your name?" It then spelled out "D-E-A-T-H." Of course we didn't believe it, so then we asked "What do you want?" And then it spelled out "J-E-S-S-I-E" who was one of my friends sitting in the room with us. We then of course asked "What do you want Jessie to do?" It then spelled out "D-I-E." and almost as soon as it said that, I looked over and noticed a shady figure looming over another one of my friends in the room and it started getting darker and darker. She started saying that she was starting to feel like she was on fire, so I told her to look behind her and everyone else in the room looked and saw the dark shadow until it faded away. Almost as soon as it was gone, we started hearing the guy's son who was by himself in bed talking in his room to someone named "Samantha." But, no matter how hard we looked, it seemed more and more like he was all by himself. Later on that night when I was back at my dorm room, I had one of my textbooks fly across my room and slam against the wall for no reason at all. I thought I was only hallucinating until I saw Jessie again the next day and he was saying his back felt like it was on fire, and when I told him to lift his shirt up so we could check his back, it looked like someone had taken their nails and dug into his back and scraped as hard as they could. We ran over to the nearest church and poured Holy Water all over our bodies and had the priest bless us and since then, I've taken a vow to stay the hell away from Oujia boards.
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  9. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    i had an experience similar to the OP.
    i woke up in complete darkness with no lights because we lost power. i awoke because i needed to use the bathroom but as soon as my feet touched the floor i knew there was something wrong. instead of the usual plush carpet on my bare feet, the carpet was thin and stiff. When i stood up, i felt around the room for some kind of guide but i couldn't find any. i got on my hand and knees and crawled towards what i thought was the nearest wall. Once i got there, all i felt was bare plaster. My room had wallpaper so i knew i wasn't in my own room. i made my way back to my bed and felt around, identified MY pillow and MY blanket. So at least that was familiar! i wrestled around with the same thoughts in the OP. in my tired stupor i thought i'd been abducted or moved or otherwise taken from my room. i eventually calmed down and crawled back under the covers and i didn't need to pee anymore. Eventually i fell asleep.

    Turns out, i had sleep-walked to my brother's old bedroom and brought all my bedding. After he left for bootcamp, i regularly started waking up in his room. At least once a week or so, i'd fall asleep in my room and wake in my (unoccupied) brother's room.

    On another occasion, i woke up tightly wrapped and restrained, unable to move. i was rolled up in my plush comforter like a burrito and double wrapped in blankets and pillows. My feet and waist were wet and cold. i figured i didn't piss myself but i couldn't figure out where i was or how i got there. Yet again, i woke up in the dark and i couldn't see anything since my head and face were also wrapped in bedding. i couldn't spread my legs out or move my arms. i squirmed around for several minutes, slowly waking up and super confused. Eventually, once i got myself freed from my fluffy prison, i found myself on a cold tile floor. The room had a slight echo due to the lack of carpet. i could hear distant dripping. When i reached out, i felt a cold pipe. Where the hell am i? Think: SAW; that was the first setting to cross my mind! i stumbled around, found a counter top and followed it to a nearby door. i found a light switch and turned it on.
    ...i fell asleep in the bathtub.
    Somehow, in my sleep, i gathered all of my bedding and pillows, dragged it all to the bathroom and made myself a fluffy bed inside the bathtub. At some point i must have bumped the faucet because it was trickling water all over my feet and soaking my bedding. Since my feet were soggy, i must have kept tossing and turning because i wrapped myself so tightly on my sheets and blankets that i eventually couldn't move and i woke in a panic.
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  10. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga Fromage!

    I witnessed two possession cults. It was a bit creepy and mostly strange. I don't believe in the paranormal whatsoever, but when I saw this I was around seven so it was actually pretty impressive. In madagascar, there's a ceremony called tromba (actually it refers to the name of the spirits sometimes/ sometimes to the ceremony in itself) and I lived in an island where part of the population had huge influences from madagascar. Both my parents were teachers, and my father was teaching to a class in which there was a tromba priestess(There's probably a more accurate term than this, but we'll go with it for the sake of the story). At some point the tromba priestess decided to invite us to see one ceremony. So we go there, it's like midnight and it's pretty dark. It was in the middle of a village. There were a lot of people, quite silent, who were standing in a circle. The priestess was chanting in the middle. Nothing too weird at this point. After a while, she's supposed to have make contact with the spirits. She starts dancing around, speaking in tongues, then , to prove that the spirit is inside her, she drinks a full bottle of rum in front of everybody. Then she kept dancing frantically around , screaming and chanting... Now, I'm not sure what parts were staged and what parts weren't, but in the eyes of a seven years old this was truly a weird and creepy experience.
  11. Jarren

    Jarren You can't just quote yourself! -Me

    Sounds like Jessie had a "good evening" and simply didn't feel the pain from its side effects until the next day. ;)
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  12. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    i WAS gonna chime in on the "Ways you DO NOT want to die" thread with my fears of burning fiery death but on second thought, i don't wanna dwell on that thought. i woke up a little bit ago from a nightmare i couldn't remember and your little post just reminded me what my nightmare was about. My roomie burnt some sketti he dropped underneath the stovetop burner so i woke up smelling smoke the other day and ever since i keep having fiery nightmares. Nightmares of trying to grab my favorite things to save from the fire, trying to unplug and save my PC, trying to get out of the apartment, get downstairs and inevitably scrambling back inside to get something i forgot.


    i hope i never have to deal with that.
  13. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    I'd be outta there as soon as she started speaking in tongues. Hell, I used to be mystified when my father used to drink a lot, because it wouldn't even seem like him anymore and since I was young I didn't exactly understand how alcohol worked.
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  14. kink-shame

    kink-shame Guest

    I once was accidentally molested by my brother's girlfriend, while she was sleep walking.
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  15. kink-shame

    kink-shame Guest

    This has happened to a friend of mine at his dad's girlfriend's house
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  16. Wonderloaf

    Wonderloaf I'll kill me faster then you

    I'll fucking kill you
  17. Starbeak

    Starbeak Sent from Space, resides on Earth.


    Creepiest thing?? I have so many but here is one of them.

    Well as a kid I did have my stereo speakers randomly play music even though my Stereo was off. I put my ear to the speakers and it was playing Tony Braxton. I unplugged my stereo and it kept playing for 20 extra seconds before going silent. Then after that a batman toy car I had started moving on its own when the batteries were out of the controller which was needed to turn it on.

    Since then I sold that car and controller in a garage sale and never turned on my stereo again. Freaky >.<'

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  18. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    You know, it's funny you say that because the first thing I asked him was if he hooked up with someone that night and he said no
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  19. RandomNinja11

    RandomNinja11 Meme King

    At least you KNOW what happened xD

    For me, the only time i've sleep walked was when I lived in Virginia. I walked downstairs (ASLEEP), made a sandwich with a steak knife to spread peanut butter and jelly on the bread and just smashed the two pieces of bread on my chest and turned on the TV.
    When I woke up you can only imagine my confusion with 2 slices of bread stuck to my shirt and the TV on some M. Night Shamylan movie that I never wouldve liked at any point
  20. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny Well-Known Member

    Recently - experiencing sleep paralysis for the first time ever.

    Woke up, could not move except for my arms, felt like there was something in the direction of which I was facing, so I kept reaching my hands out toward that. Felt panicky, eyes wide open, could only see pitch black. Finally I was able to roll over and go back to sleep, but what the actual fuck.

    Did some research, one of the most common causes for sleep paralysis is sleep deprivation - which made sense, as I had not been sleeping well for months before this.

    Haven't had this happen again... hopefully never, as it was really freaking unnerving.

    The last weird experience happened when I was younger - maybe 12-13. I was home alone with my cats, parents had gone out somewhere. I lived in a double-wide mobile home, with a long hallway down the middle of it leading to my room, my parents' room, and the bathroom. I was playing with one of the cats, throwing a toy down the hall and she'd chase it and bring it back to me. The beginning of the hallway was separated from the dining room/kitchen by a piece of trim, and it the hallway was carpeted.

    I throw the cat toy down the hall, and my cat went to go run after it, but stopped short at the threshold of the hallway - fur standing on end, tail bushed out, and hissing. I looked down the hall - nothing. Got really, really creeped out. I turned on all the lights in the rest of the house, and then stayed in the living room until my parents got home. I have no explanation for that.
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  21. Prometheus_Fox

    Prometheus_Fox Fire Thief

    I got followed home by a creepy dude from the Little Caesar's across the street.
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  22. Ravofox

    Ravofox And a few other fursonas as well

    During my first year of high school, some elderly guy slapped a random woman on the tram because he was jealous of her calling her husband. I had just started coming home from school production practice, so it was quite late, but I still got off at the next stop and waited for another 10 minutes for the next one.
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  23. modfox

    modfox Viking Archer Fox

    seeing my self in the mirror
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  24. Ravofox

    Ravofox And a few other fursonas as well

    In a suit or as just an ordinary human being?
  25. modfox

    modfox Viking Archer Fox

    i dont know
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