What is the creepiest thing that has ACTUALLY happened to you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RandomNinja11, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Sergei Sóhomo

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    Oh come on I've already used the X-files theme in this thread
  2. Maximor_Bloodpanda

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    I remember seeing a dark figure that looked like a legless buffalo with a short trunk, but no defining facial features, float down the hall in my old house. I never really thought about it until I heard stories of comparable entities.

    Sometimes, when I'm driving at night or early morning, I may feel a presence nearby. It's freaky, especially when all alone.

    When I play video games at night, I hear scratching on my door sometimes. I assume that it is a bobcat or something, since my house is clear of paranormal shit and I live in the country, but it creeped me out for a while, and I always make sure that door is locked.

    Recently, when I was driving home one day, I heard a flute playing. I was in my car, with my rock music turned up, but I heard a flute clearly that was not part of my music. Nobody around was playing.
  3. Sergei Sóhomo

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    I've always had people around me talk about seeing stuff and even lived in a home on top of a native burial ground. Everyone always said they saw things and felt presences but I never saw or felt anything
  4. Maximor_Bloodpanda

    Maximor_Bloodpanda The True Anti-Conformist

    I'm not sure if the sensitivity is something that just some people have (My mom and I are the only ones in the family who have this), or if it something that can be developed over time, if you look into this stuff.

    Didn't see anything as a kid? That's a pretty good time for experiencing weird things. Or have any dreams that ended with you waking up exhausted and out of energy?
  5. Sergei Sóhomo

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  6. TheKyote

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    I got a thousand of these, however, for the sake of keeping things short and sweet, I have had a rather violent incident that almost got me a real life exorcism. Literally, my step mom was the one to notice and she was pretty freaked out so she either told me or asked me about getting an exorcism. Needless to say, growing up was quite strange. Anyway, the incident was relatively short.

    In my room at the time, you would walk in and my closet was to the right, moving across the room, couch in the middle on the back wall, and to the left, my bed. I used to sleep on my couch all the time with my feet toward the closet. So, there I was at about midnight, pretty tired, and laying on the couch and I just so happen to look over toward my closet, I got a rather creepy sixth sense like that, standing in the closet I saw a shadowy figure so no details, I kind of tensed up and blinked to clear my eyes, only for the next time I opened them to see the thing at the arm by my feet peeking at me. In an instant, this thing clambered upon me, I put my arms up, saw it real back, come at my face... and then I woke up. I found myself on the floor at three a.m. in the middle of the room. I eventually pulled myself off of the floor, and stumbled into the bathroom next to my parents room. I believe I proceeded to throw up and pass out.

    When I came to, I got up to check myself in the mirror and clean up, my step mom happened by and saw me and freaked the hell out. She noticed before I did that my white shirt was now covered in blood, and I didn't really have an explanation. They sent me to counseling every time I tried to tell them. Upon removing my shirt, we found a multitude of scratches all over my chest and back. I only saw that thing one other time after that.

    This didn't really bother me to be honest, It was actually a relatively normal event for me especially after seeing so many other things in this same realm.

    Good times.
  7. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    One time, I was wandering around in some abandoned houses in town with a couple of my friends and we had to ditch on one of them because it freaked us out too much. As soon as we were standing in the driveway, I could feel that something wasn't right with this place. My hairs were standing up and I was getting goosebumps just by standing in the front yards, but then I went inside and things only went downhill from there. As soon as we set foot in the front door, things started getting crazy as hell. We started hearing doors randomly slam as hard as they could all throughout the house and they seemed to all close in a sequence like someone was walking through the house, but there were no signs of anyone else being there while we were inside. Then, we went further in and started going up the stairs and we stood still about midway up the steps and we heard footprints following us up the stairs, but nobody else was moving with us. Then, things topped off when we got to the master bedroom upstairs where we saw upside-down crucifixes, pentagrams drawn on the floor, melted candles, and just all kinds of satanist stuff inside. I went straight out the door and got the hell out of there first. One of my friends got locked inside the master bedroom with all the satanist stuff and my other friend had to bust the door down to get him out. When they came out, they said they saw faces and came out feeling like they had a fever and had scratches on their body. We ditched that place and I've even been tempted to go burn it down with a couple of molotovs.
  8. Sergei Sóhomo

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    Any physical markings when they got out?
  9. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    Yes, my friend STILL has those scars across his body.
  10. NocturneFox!

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    when i was 12 years old some dudes try to steal me i say try because we were in a really public place and thanks to um fender that they help me :(
  11. Khazius

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    ah... I would but you'd call me a liar...
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  12. Diretooth

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    Alright, so my life is a bit fucked up.
    My family has a history of seeing spirits and the like. My mother's grandmother was a witch, and further along my family tree on my father's side was another witch, so there is some precedent for this. Similarly, my cousin is a Norse pagan shaman, this will be a bit important later.
    When I was much younger, I don't recall when, I was able to see spirits. Typically the spirits of pets who had passed on. One night, it was dark, almost starless. I was awake and had gone into the living room of the house I'd been in. Between my house and the lilac bushes just outside the window was a shadowy child. Pure black, with crimson pupilless eyes. I recall walking toward the window and stopping short of it. I remember being terrified and running to the kitchen, where my older brothers were. I'd told them there was a monster in the living room, but when they checked, it was gone.
    Since then, until fairly recently, I could not see nor sense spirits, at least not with the acute sense that I'd had.
    On occasion, I was able to sense some spirits. However, I did not regain any meaningful sense until I awoke as a Wolf Therianthrope. Therianthropy, for the uninitiated, is classified as belief that one is, non-physically, a non-human animal. When I came to this realization, I started to sense things that I hadn't been able to before. At this point in time, my old bedroom was an utter mess. I'd always gotten the creeps from it, so after I awoke, I could feel something about it. Something wrong.
    I had a friend stay the night, he saw a demonic-looking thing step out of my room. He was unfazed, while I was understandably freaked out.
    My house had a garage attached to the house, and to reach the basement, you had to go through it. Something 'lived' in the crook where the basement stairs stopped. Its only purpose was storage, but it didn't see such use. The thing didn't do anything, except scare me and feed from my fear. I never saw it, but I could feel it.
    When I moved to Oregon, nothing really followed me. I'd learned some methods for protecting myself, basic stuff like projecting a shield. (This ties in with magic and energy work.) While it took the edge off, it wasn't enough. That's where my cousin comes in.
    As stated before, my cousin is a pagan, he works with spirits and helps them pass on, assuming they're human spirits. I lived with him for a year, trying to move out exist as an adult. Naturally, things got... strange.
    For most of my life, I've known the companionship of a wolf spirit, a spirit guide of sorts. His use-name is Jaggedclaw, a name I gave him when I was younger. I've felt him hanging around me, sometimes he lays next to me, sometimes he just makes his presence known. I've had people note they sensed something when he was in the room, which was creepy for them, but good for a laugh.
    As I lived with my cousin, I occasionally heard things, saw things. I did a paper route, helping him and his fiance, where there was one particular house with a particularly nasty emotion eater. A fear eater. It would make me feel dread and feed off of the emotion. The only way to effectively deal with one is to force another emotion on them. I got angry, so for once I was able to overcome something that wasn't pleasant.
    One time, while I'd been laying in my bed, I'd heard someone, a female voice, whisper 'She's here!' in my ear. That had spooked me. Another time, when my cousin had been helping me with third eye issues, I saw a female face attached to this millipede looking fuck. Think Koh the Face-Stealer from Avatar and you have a good approximation.
    I also got to meet said witch ancestor during Samhain. She'd been set a place of honor at the table and had told us how she'd been burned at the stake for being a witch.

    As all of this is supernatural in nature, and numerous, take it all with a grain of salt. This is all of my remembered incidences with supernatural stuff. I added not-so creepy stuff because not all supernatural things are creepy and sometimes you need a break from recounting scary shit.
  13. Okami_No_Heishi

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    Here's a creepy one for you. A few months before my mother in law passed, me and my son were discussing the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. And during the course of our discussion I said you'd have to be a fool if you think that humans are the only life out there. And my mother in law said that she guessed she's a fool then. And that was the end of that discussion. The weeks after her passing a few strange things happened around the house. But the creepiest was the phonecall. Nobody was home when it. The answering machine recorded it. I got home and saw we had a message. I looked at the caller id and saw that the only number that had called was our phone number. I played the message, and it gave me fucking chills. There was the sound of static, and in the middle of all this static you could hear a very faint voice, that sounded just like my mother in law, say "I am not a fool." Chills yall. Chills.
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  14. EdgyMemeLord0

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    The scariest thing I have seen yet was my math teacher from elementary school
  15. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    What happened to me wasn't paranormal or spooky in that way but it still spooked me.

    I was walking home from the store and on the way back I found a guy who was laying on the floor with his head all broken open and blood everywhere. I called 911 and the cops showed up and tried to wake the guy up then called an ambulance. It was pretty creepy and I never found out if he was ok.
  16. Sergei Sóhomo

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    I'm no doctor but if his head was broken open for a long period of time he'd probably have gotten not only an infection, but possible death from blood loss, brain damage from a force hard enough to crack it open and some other weird shit.

    Pretty messed up though
  17. pallid-panda

    pallid-panda Member

    It couldn't have been that long of a time because I saw him sitting up on the hill when I went to the store and when I came back he was at the bottom of the hill all jacked up. But yeah it was pretty scary and messed up
  18. Fuckin liar. Just say it.
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    I somehow ended up in some type of daddy/dom relationship.
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    You dont wanna know :p
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    Trust me, we do :p
  22. Beatle9

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    So one time, when I was like 7 or 8, I was staying at my grandma's house with my cousin. We started playing hide and seek at one point, and it was my turn to go hide. I went up to the upstairs bathroom and hid in the shower. I sat there in the tub for a while, just clutching my legs to my chest, trying to stay quiet. A few minutes later I saw someone walk into the bathroom. Now the thing about the shower is that the glass was designed to only be semi-transparent, I guess for privacy, so I couldn't clearly see who it was. It was pretty much just a blurred figure, but I assumed it was my cousin, so I held my breath and hoped she'd walk out. She stood there for about a minute, before walking out, barely making an attempt to find me.

    I waited in the shower for another five minutes, before getting really impatient. She seriously hadn't found me yet? I got out and went back down to the living room, and there she was, just sitting on the couch, watching TV.

    "Uh, hello?" I asked, annoyed.
    "Oh, hey." She said, casually.
    "You didn't want to tell me that you gave up?" I asked.
    "Well, you figured it out." She joked.
    "You were really close." I told her. "I was upstairs in the bathtub. You were right next to me, and you didn't even look there!" I laughed.
    She looked really confused. She told me that she never looked for me upstairs. She only looked downstairs, before getting bored and giving up. I knew she had to be fucking with me, we were cousins so we always did stuff like that, so I asked my grandma.

    Grandma confirmed that she only heard me go up and come down the stairs, my cousin never went up there, and neither did she. And my grandpa was running an errand at the time, so it definitely wasn't him I saw in there. There wasn't anyone else in the house besides us three...that I know of. I don't know exactly what I saw, but to this day that's the last time I've ever gone upstairs at my grandma's house. I still get chills whenever I walk past it when I visit her.
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  23. pippi

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    I got a few, I'll just do a couple though.

    Creepiest 'abnormal' thing: I was laying in bed, like just got in bed so I wasn't sleepy yet or anything. I look straight ahead at the hallway, and this puff of grey smoke falls down from the ceiling. The smoke turns into a human shape and then starts floating towards me. It just disappears when it got to the actual doorway. I nearly shat myself right there. I also seen this smoke man thing twice so far in this house.

    A not ghostly creepy thing: I used to get a lot of creepy guys when I had to take the bus. I was 18 at the time. I was sitting at the bus stop alone and this guy drives by. He asks if I want a ride and obviously heck no I don't want a ride. And he tells me hold on. He circles around and parks at the bus stop and gets out. He keeps asking me things. Eventually he asks for my number, and I figured maybe that would make him go away, and I was going to give him a fake number, but then he CALLED MY PHONE right then and there to make sure I wasn't lying to him. He keeps trying to get me in the car, and I'm just hoping the bus will hurry up and run his car over or something. Then this guy grabs my arm and starts kissing all over my arm, like WTF?? Eventually the bus got there and I ran inside as fast as I could. He kept calling me for days before I figured out how to block his number.
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    Holy fuck
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