What is your favorite mixed drink (21+ only)?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -AlphaLupi, May 16, 2017.

  1. Kit H. Ruppell

    Kit H. Ruppell Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

    Fireball and Rum Chata
  2. KitKatChunKiss

    KitKatChunKiss 2D/3D Artist

    I really like mixing homemade lemonade (lemon+water+ice) with Sourpuss.
    Or Strawberry Daiquiris ♥
    Pretty much anything sour I love haha ; v;
  3. Beatle9

    Beatle9 Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.

    Mine's kind of one you can't get anymore, unless you know how to make it (which I don't). I had this really good one at the Alamo Drafthouse theater I work at called "The Blood of the Xenomorph", themed for the newest Alien movie. I can't remember everything that went in it, but I know rum and lime juice were some of the ingredients. Here's a picture of it:

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  4. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler Feathered Jester

    Dr. Pepper and Jack Daniel's. Captain Morgan and Mountain Dew ain't bad. When I'm in the mood for a cheap margarita, and I mean a cheap margarita, salted lemon-lime Koolaid with tequila! :p
  5. Zenoth

    Zenoth The average chipfox, doing chipfox stuff.

    @Beatle9 Here ya go, Rum, mt.dew and some flash bang ^^
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  6. Akartoshi

    Akartoshi you have been booped by the web potater foxxo

    I know this says for 21+ only but it's legal where I live to drink from 16. Gotta go with some of that vodka with fruit mate; basically vodka goes well with anything.
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  7. Sivath

    Sivath ㅇㅅㅇ

    Homemade Sangria definitely! With my magic ingredient; Asian pears! It just makes it so much better!

    And I'm of legal age in my country, by the way.

    And also, homemade Mojito! We have an apple mint plant, and ever summer we put it to good use.
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  8. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    Probably a Green Russian. Haven't been able to have once since I moved though, 'cause I haven't been able to find a bar that sells absinthe =/
  9. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    I love that description, first time i've laughed hard in ages.

    For me, Vodka and Coke. Simple and nice.
    Though unmixed stuff? Beer (I know PlusThirtyOne would hate me for that)
  10. Ravofox

    Ravofox And a few other fursonas as well

    I'm Australian and I'm 20, and the legal drinking age here is 18, so I guess I'm off the hook?

    Anyway, I've only had one mixed drink so far (alcohol's fine, it's just not my favourite drink), and it was quite nice - a vodka and mint mix.
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  11. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    My go to is Rum+coke, but I always love fruity cocktails when at a resort or restaurant... just don't make them at home for myself because the amount of ingredients it usually takes/effort
  12. Beatle9

    Beatle9 Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.

    Hm, interesting. I think ours was a little different, because I know mountain dew wasn't in the one my work had, but this seems like a good alternative.
  13. Zenoth

    Zenoth The average chipfox, doing chipfox stuff.

  14. -AlphaLupi

    -AlphaLupi The Fennec

    Never heard of Xenomorph Blood until now, but I'm a big Aliens fan. Gonna have to try that one!
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  15. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    No Yager Bomb lovers? They're bad for you but man... So good.
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  16. ellaerna

    ellaerna Sass Master

    Rum and coke is my go to. That and coffee with Baileys.
    Fireball and hard cider is also really good in the fall. Tastes like apple pie.
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  17. Scorpen

    Scorpen Literal S.O.B

    Mojitos are my favorite. I also enjoy rusty nails and occasionally sweet wines.
  18. Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs

    Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs Fighter of the Nightman

    Wild Turkey with Jim Beam.

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