What is your opinion on my Dad's band?

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Mr.RainbowMcStabby, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Mr.RainbowMcStabby

    Mr.RainbowMcStabby FEELING STABBY

    Hey I was wondering what you guys think of my dad's band. I know they aren't the best sounding but that could be because the videos were filmed by cell phones and are unedited.
    Facts about this Band:
    1. The band's name is Pickle Juice
    2. They host parties when they aren't having a gig where they practice called The Jar
    3. The Kids are called Little Dills.
    4. Wives/Girlfriends are called Pickle Lickers ;)

    Anyways here is their YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com: Pickle Juice
  2. Endless/Nameless

    Endless/Nameless Renegade

    theyre tickled to be pickled ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah ah ah ahah a ha h ah ha hh ah ah h a h ahh ah ah h a 0udr cp;c['
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  3. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    What sort of feedback are you looking for, exactly?
  4. Mr.RainbowMcStabby

    Mr.RainbowMcStabby FEELING STABBY

    Was just wondering what you guys thought thats all
  5. Lyxen

    Lyxen Revivalst

    Looks like they have a crap ton of money invested into their gear, they play covers..... I don't know not many people at the shows it looks like but I'm all about rock n roll so I'm going to give em a thumbs up. Dig the kiss performance though the guy on the right looks very sad.... anyway long live rock n roll
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  6. Mr.RainbowMcStabby

    Mr.RainbowMcStabby FEELING STABBY

    Thanks. I'm actually from Alberta Canada lol, so you wouldn't know anyone most likely... Funny thing the guy on the right is my dad he plays lead guitar for the band. The guy in the middle is no longer in the band due to drugs. Also the What I Like About You video was done at the arena where I live and it was part of a fundraiser for the Fort McMurray wildfires that happened last summer.

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