What is your sexual orientation? - Now with definitions!

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Which orientation option provided best describes your own?

  1. Heterosexual

  2. Bi / Het

  3. Bisexual

  4. Bi / Homo

  5. Homosexual

  6. Pansexual

  7. Demisexual

  8. Asexual (aka) Non-sexual / Grey-A

  9. Not sure / Don't wish to be labeled

  10. Preferred option not provided / Non-binary or option preferred

  1. Littlerock

    Littlerock numb with cold

    This time, I've simplified the options, if you find that perhaps you fit in-between an option, pick the one you feel closest describes your orientation, then elaborate in the thread. This isn't rocket science.

    Remember, this is for sexual orientation, not romantic, not platonic, and not aesthetic. We could have separate threads for those if you want, but for now, this should do.
    Cast your vote based on your feelings, not on what other people call you, derogatory or otherwise. This is important, and no one can invalidate your sexuality. For example, if you are a person that identifies as being male, but might not physically be male, and you are attracted primarily to males, you should obviously vote homosexual, not heterosexual. Got it? Neat.


    A quick recap on what the options mean, then! If you feel that you need more information on these in general, click here, otherwise, click the links below for more specific learning experiences. If you need another list of links for learning, here's the full Wiki category on the subject, just click and go.

    • Bi / Het - Mostly attracted to persons of the opposite sex, partially attracted to persons of the same sex.

    • Bisexual - Attracted equally to persons of both sexes.

    • Bi / Homo - Mostly attracted to persons of the same sex, partially attracted to persons of the opposite sex.

    • Pansexual - Attracted to any person, of any sexual orientation, gender role, physical gender, gender identity, no matter how bad they dance, and regardless of any reason. ( Often related to gender-blindness. ) Similar but not identical to bisexuality in definition.

    • Demisexual - Feeling attraction to a specific person, but only after a strong emotional bond has been formed with said person. This is a catchall for demi-homo/het/bi/pan, and is not limited to just binary terms. ( This is usually classed as a subgroup of asexuality. )

    • Asexual (aka) Non-sexual / Grey-A - Not attracted to any person of any sexuality. I've also stuck Grey-A in here for those of you who are very nearly asexual, but sometimes find yourself feeling attracted to someone. ( Since Grey-A is considered a subgroup of asexuality, but isn't as largely debated as demisexuality, I feel that it's fine sitting right here. )

    • Not sure / Don't wish to be labeled - Unsure yet as to which orientation best fits your feelings, or if you'd much rather not be labeled at all. ( This is a public poll, if you feel that you need to vote, but don't want people to know your orientation, vote here I guess? )

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  2. Schwimmwagen

    Schwimmwagen Active Member

    voted for chinese
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  3. Littlerock

    Littlerock numb with cold

    das so raycist
  4. PastryOfApathy


    But half of the options aren't actually things.
  5. Tailmon1

    Tailmon1 Fennec World dominance!

    Well it's improved and my answer is still the same! Poo!
  6. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky bitch where

    pansexual. nope I don't love frying pans.
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  7. Carnau

    Carnau Ice cream is the only way

    Thank you so much Littlerock, I chose Pansexy.
  8. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Love is love regardless of attraction.

    Deal with it.
  9. DrDingo

    DrDingo Moved to phoenix.corvidae.org with the others

    I voted, but I can't help but think that this poll should be anonymous, as some people might not what to reveal their sexuality to everyone on FAF.
  10. BRN

    BRN WTB Forum Mod Powers

    and love is completely unrelated to sexual attraction, so why it would be brought up in this thread is beyond me

    ed: to get back on topic, I saw this thread and ended up frustrated. I just don't know how to answer it - nothing seems fully descriptive. I'm hardly in denial, but I just simply don't know where my boundaries lie. I've yet to find 'em. Hence my vote, 'not provided' - I'm not "not sure", but I just don't seem to have limit or form on my sexual interests. Omnisexual? wharrgarble
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  11. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Love knows no boundaries.
  12. BRN

    BRN WTB Forum Mod Powers

    irrelevant; feelings of love have nothing to do with whether a dick or a pussy get you off

    romantic attraction is not sexual attraction

    this is not a venn diagram the two do not even relate why do you even how do what
  13. Littlerock

    Littlerock numb with cold

    ... if you don't want to share, why would you vote at all? There's even a "don't wish to be labeled" option for this. :T People bitched about the poll being anonymous in the past, so I switched it.
    /no pleasing everyone/
  14. DrDingo

    DrDingo Moved to phoenix.corvidae.org with the others

    I'm fine with it. I can just imagine other people might not think in the same way.
  15. FenrirDarkWolf

    FenrirDarkWolf Trapped in a Lucid Eclipse

    For sexual attraction?

    For actual romantic attraction?
  16. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Yeah I think you're missing the point.

    Oh well...
  17. LizardKing

    LizardKing Guest

    So I guess I'll sticky this or something
  18. Distorted

    Distorted Well-Known Member

    I'm gay. I'm sexually and romantically attracted to guys and nothing else. I tried to be attracted to girls but it never really got anywhere. And vaginas make me queasy...

    But then I'm not really experienced in relations so I can't really say 100%.
  19. Teal

    Teal Heartless Monster

  20. FenrirDarkWolf

    FenrirDarkWolf Trapped in a Lucid Eclipse

    Even though I already said something, this describes me pretty well too.
    Except that, only smart ladies catch my attention. Vaginas disturb me too >.>
  21. BRN

    BRN WTB Forum Mod Powers

    Read the second paragraph of the op

    Or at least tell me the point rather than giving me a vague statement ostensibly unrelated to the thread whoch the op already asked not to to talk about
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  22. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    You really are tenacious. I was implying that love is love regardless of sexuality, I wasn't trying to make a debate about it.
  23. Hinalle K.

    Hinalle K. Banned

    I love all of the things!
  24. Pinky

    Pinky AKA Aouzy

  25. Nineteen-TwentySeven

    Nineteen-TwentySeven Four Eyes; Zero Soul

    Still gay as fuck.

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