What video game are you playing...

Discussion in 'PC & Console Gaming' started by CrazyDragon, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. real time strategist

    real time strategist "What's an airport, again?"

    Which prey?
  2. Norros

    Norros Guest

  3. Wolf-Snipe

    Wolf-Snipe Member

    There are few i play recently:
    - Xonotic (free quake-style FPS)
    - UT2k4
    - Quake Live and Quake 3 CPMA
    - Brutal Doom (with Doom's 4 arsenal and items)
  4. Nixonia

    Nixonia Hi! I'm irritating!

    I'm mostly on PS4 myself. I've got Warframe, Battlefield 1, Killing Floor 2, and ESO going right now. I will be setting my rig back up though, since I miss my steam account. XD

    EDIT: Finally got around to installing steam again. So! If anyone wants to add me, I go by Nixonia, or [NLR] Nix. ^^
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  5. Iovic

    Iovic Member

    I regularly play Dwarf Fortress, Stellaris, and Heroes of the Storm with a couple of friends.
    I recently started playing Hoearts of Iron 4
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  6. Cybrid

    Cybrid ...

    Picked up Hollow Knight and Rise of the Tomb Raider on sale, so I'm mostly playing that at the moment. Aside from running around in Diablo III or random games with friends.
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  7. Tecwyn

    Tecwyn Loves Chatting

    Recently revisited an old classic for my N64: mystical ninja starring Goemon. Nothing says ancient japan like giant fighting robots
  8. Beatle9

    Beatle9 Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.

    Finally started playing Life is Strange, gotta say I'm getting kind of a Twin Peaks vibe from it for some reason. Probably just because it takes place in a backwoods Oregon town, and involves a missing/dead girl.
  9. voxuan

    voxuan New Member

    Does anyone play
    Super Mario Run Games
    I play it on my PC. That is great if anyone also play it.
    Specially, it is free now.
    take the chance!:cool:
  10. StolenMadWolf

    StolenMadWolf resident Lab Wolf

    Last few days I have mainly played a mix of Titanfall 2, Stellaris and MechWarrior Online. Oh, and a little bit of ARMA III.
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  11. Alstren

    Alstren Nerd Bird

    Hell yeah Stellaris and MWO are my jam right now.
  12. fallout19980

    fallout19980 Just some guy writing stories and playing dota

    Dark Souls 3, playing as a tanky as hell knight.
  13. BasilClover

    BasilClover Character Collector

    Black Desert Online!
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  14. Randomrock

    Randomrock New Member

    Dirty bomb is the only thon I've been playing
  15. ACaracalFromWork

    ACaracalFromWork Forgive, forget and live!

    Starbound with feline mod and shadowrun Hong kong
  16. Notkastar

    Notkastar Notka- What?

    played this game a while back ago and picked it up again for old times sake ╹‿╹)
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  17. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    It's funny, I always felt like Alan Wake was like Twin Peaks. Forboding, moody forest towns!
  18. Beatle9

    Beatle9 Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.

    Don't hate me, but I've never played Alan Wake. I want to though! :(
  19. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    I didn't either, I watched my husband play it ;p For me I wasn't interested in playing but happy to watch
  20. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    at the moment
    Hunter: Call of the wild
    Fallout 1-4

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