What was your first anime?

Discussion in 'TV, Video, and Film' started by Karpish McKarp, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    Technically My Neighbour Totoro or Sailor Moon, although in terms of knowingly watching anime, Welcome to the NHK! was probably my first, along with bits of Azumanga Daioh.

    ^ JoJo and Masaaki Yuasa series are good ways to turn you into a disgusting weeaboo. I approve.
  2. Stratelier

    Stratelier Well-Known Member

    Does Voltron count? If not, it was the first two years of Sailor Moon.
  3. davydonovan

    davydonovan Executor

    Dose Aeon Flux count as anime?
  4. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

    Never cared for Chinese cartoons but most of my friends spent a couple of years trying to convince me to watch them. Got me to watch Angel Beats and Higurashi

    They're pretty alright for cartoons
  5. MrPhox

    MrPhox Member

    I would says that old anime, manga:
  6. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    Death Note. I couldn't stop watching and forgot to even eat. At one point I didn't have access to a computer so I finished the series on my iPad. I watched all of it in 3 school days.
  7. MrPhox

    MrPhox Member

    Death note is recent and kinda sinister.
    Also I found a remake of Sally:
  8. Miiuru

    Miiuru New Member

    The first anime I actually throughly watched was Black Butler, I have no regrets.
  9. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    That was one of my first. Very good, indeed. One hell of a show.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Miiuru

    Miiuru New Member

    I can't tell if you were making a reference or I'm just weak-minded.
  12. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    That was indeed a devil of a reference.
  13. Troj

    Troj Well-Known Member

    Grimm's Fairytale Classics, the Noozles, The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, and Unico in the Island of Magic were my first animes, that I can recall.

    (Does X-Men count, given that it was animated by Saban?)

    I first became aware of anime as a distinct genre when a friend gushed about Ranma 1/2.
  14. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    Unico! :3

    My boyfriend found the complete comics at a discount when he was in town and I read a few. They're adorable.
  15. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Kimba, The White Lion! I still love watching that. And Astroboy.

  16. Phoenix-Kat

    Phoenix-Kat Guest

  17. tuan_tr1910

    tuan_tr1910 New Member

    One Piece-my first anime. I watched it since i was 18. And now i'm 27 :))
  18. Wolveon

    Wolveon I swear I will not kill anyone

    Blue's Clues.
  19. Jakinator178

    Jakinator178 New Member

    I am still in progress on it, but Death Note. I am not too active in it, as I mostly watch tv from my bed and am browsing the internet on my phone at the same time, but I definitely would say Death Note is an intriguing series
  20. OtterScience

    OtterScience New Member

    I don't know if it was Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura because I was so young, but omg, I still LOVE them today.
  21. CCTakato

    CCTakato New Member

    Speed Racer reruns on Cartoon Network in the early 90s was the first anime I ever actually watched but Sailor Moon was the gateway show that made me into a hardcore fan.
  22. uhh.. Fruit's Basket or Inuyasha I think..or Dragon Ball Z if we're veering into that territory
  23. cielph

    cielph New Member

    It was Slam Dunk for me, and I've never regretted watching it! Awesome!
  24. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    Mine was Inuyasha. ♡
    Was so inspired by the background art.

    And yes, I still watch anime. But not the super fanservice stuff.
  25. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

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