What's the best way to cut fur?

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Chibs, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Chibs

    Chibs :)

    So I'm using long haired white faux fur and I didn't realize how much mess it would create just from using a scissor. I've tried using my x-acto knife but it doesn't cut through or fast enough :/ What's the best way to cut fur?
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  2. Dragoxicon

    Dragoxicon Member

    Don't use scissors unless you take the time to cut slow and brush the fur away from where you're cutting, otherwise you will make a mess and make a lot of jagged edges as I'm sure you've found out. (you can use one side of the scissor blades to cut as well, but it's not ideal)
    Use a plain razor blade with enough pressure to cut through the backing. Make sure the razor blade is new/sharp
  3. Misomie

    Misomie Lazy Artist

    I use scissors but you do have to take your time. You want to cut backing facing up and only the backing. Cuts are shallow. You can start cutting faster once you're used to it. smooth any jagged edges with scissors afterwards. Your scissors must be high quality and sharp.
  4. Rhee

    Rhee Member

    I use a box cutter and a hard cutting board
  5. furspot

    furspot New Member

    A sharp blade (x-acto) to the back of the fabric. small shallow cuts are best. It is not easy at first, but I get the best results this way. If the fur is short, use a cutting board as well.
  6. Kaffee

    Kaffee Guest

    X-acto knives work wonders, you just have to use a new blade. When I make a full suit, I end up using 2-3 blades. More if I have to cut any foam with it or if the fur has a super rough backing. Fur and foam dull blades insanely fast.
  7. HybridHusky

    HybridHusky New Member

    X-acto knife. My new best friend. Or scissors, if you can somehow cut ONLY through the backing and not the actual fur, or else that would look all ragged and messy.
  8. Kokoro

    Kokoro Member

    I find scissors to be much easier and cleaner. Requires no pressure and doesn't risk tearing; just have to be more careful with it. Just place it fur-side down, then slide the bottom blade between the fur and backing, and make sure you're always running the bottom blade's tip against the backing rather than letting fur slip under.
  9. JerryFoxcoon

    JerryFoxcoon The classy Captain Furfag

    You could try an Olfa knife, with the black, heavy-duty blades. This will cut almost everything.
  10. Nautilus_Roe

    Nautilus_Roe Member

    Use medical masks, if possible. I just finished a saytr, and OH DEAR MY RESPIRATORY IS SCREAMING!

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