What's the deal with Zootopia and the furry fandom?

Discussion in 'TV, Video, and Film' started by FerretXing, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. KageSakuraclown

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    I think part of why its so will love is coz it's the first anthropomorphic animal in awhile and it's a good movie
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    For me I love Zootopia because I enjoy the story and the characters and I love the message of the film and the gorgeous animation. I also love that the movie took a darker turn in the second half and I thought they had a very clever plot twist in the film. I enjoyed Zootopia so much that I even saw it twice in theaters and I almost never do that and it was my favorite movie of 2016 though Moana was in a close second. I'm also just a big fan of Disney animation in general.
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    I feel like the movie has a good message in that not all members of a certain species(hint hint, race) are the same. There's good and bad in every species in the movie/race IRL.

    Plus, Judy Hopps is a cutie. =3
  4. Ravofox

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    I also think the broader point wasn't just about race. It was about prejudice in general. That just because you're something something doesn't mean you're bad or incompetent. Of course this apples to 'racial' and religious groups, but also to gender, sexual orientation, class origin, etc. I think this general message struck a chord with many, many people - including the furry fandom due to the anthropomorphic animals and the frequent feeling of alienation present in many members of the community (that was certainly why I loved it at least:))
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    It also has a pretty stark message about how illiberal demagogues seize power by playing the majority against a vulnerable minority and framing events to make their assigned "enemies" seem at once dangerous and outnumbered. Which is surprisingly subversive and heavy for a Disney movie.
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