What's the Story Behind your Username?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FluffyShutterbug, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. GigaBit

    GigaBit A hyperactive computer lovin' nerd.

    I wanted a "computery" name so I used "MegaByte" for everything. (I'm Such an original person.)
    I then wanted some name that was distinguishable and uncommon from other computer related names so...
    "GigaBit" Was born!
    I sometimes go by GigaBitFloppyDisk. (I find this amusing, since a 3.5 inch floppy disk can only transfer around 500 Kbits/sec)
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  2. spacerogue

    spacerogue New Member

    ok why the hell not.

    Some time 10 years ago I wanted a change, I wanted a name that was completely neutral and not a character like my previous, thus a good friend of mine and me started brainstorming in the chatbox and just throwing words around.
    eventually 'rogue' and 'space' dropped, I put together 'Spacerogue' from that event and never looked back.

    Today the name is still not a character, its a vague link to aiko, but thats all. I'm okay with it being a link like this.
  3. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    I stole mine from a furry friend from Finland, who came to visit for a week, some years back. He was a really awesome person, and a gracious house-guest. Me and my housemate wanted to keep him!

    So I kept his name, instead, which he found funny.

    This was also around the time I changed fursona, from Malamute to Skunk, and Simo sounded like a good name for a Skunk.
  4. Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned Active Member

    The reasoning behind Old Fashioned is because I love history, there is nothing I would rather do than read some old tome or research some dead person's life.(totally not creepy) I was also thinking about roses so maybe that just cemented it down.
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  5. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Old rose varieties are quite interesting. Lots of them in bloom now; especially in the backyards of rowhouses, some of the climbing and rambling varieties have gotten really huge, remnants of when so many brick/brownstone rows went up here, during the building boom of the 1890s-1910-ish era. Also, very very fragrant, and ahpids seem to leave them alone.
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  6. Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned Active Member

    I'm a bit jealous to tell you the truth, I really love seeing those kinds of things. It's like seeing a small remnant of another age and I go just a bit silly over it.
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  7. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Ah, it does make it fun, to walk trough the alleys, and look for them!

    Growing up in a rural area, you'd also find them around the foundations of old farmhouses, long gone, except for maybe lilac bushes, roses and daffodils. My mom would take cuttings of the roses, and try to root them. This reminds me: living in an apartment, I miss gardening :)
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  8. Doodle Bunny

    Doodle Bunny Frequently says stupid things.

    I'm a bunny and I like to draw a lot.


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  9. Fall

    Fall Member

    I used to *love* a series of books called The Sight / Fell about wolves, my favourite character was called Fell - the other part is I used to breed budgies (or parakeets, depending where you're from) and the rarest and prettiest mutation I could find was called a fallow :)

    (My name here is Fall, but on all other sites it's FellFallow)
  10. Aczinor

    Aczinor edgy coyote

    I just like Jupiter
    Aczinor is the senior of the element Earth associated with Jupiter.

    (In Enochian.)

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