What's your best true story?

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    As the title suggests, post your story of something that happened to you. Whether in real life, a forum, a game or whatever setting you can think of.
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    My entire life thus far is it's own story but I try to avoid telling it.

    The most recent thing I can think of is how my sister got this rabbit when she was 7 or something. It was a cute thing, did normal rabbit stuff, had it's own life. Of course being a rabbit my sister and family liked to handle it. That thing became FEISTY. It would nip people and stuff and become a proper little rat. Despite that my younger sister still handled it anyways. The thing spent a lot of it's days hanging out in the backyard, we've been wary of predators and stuff but the thing lives out there. I moved away from my parents house since, I learned the other day the thing still lives with them, and it went full-on feral and just lives under my parent's new house. I'm a little shocked! That thing is a sharp little furball with some pretty good instincts, I'm surprised it's still around. Keep in mind, it's a white rabbit. That thing could be eaten by predators and I'm worried about it's future but it's still going.

    ...and as long as we're talking about pets, I'm a pretty quiet person but when one time when I was in middle school waiting for the bus to come pick me up, I saw in the distance my dog; standing at the edge of the street at oncoming traffic. It was the barest glimpse and there were cars around, I was so frightened I'd see her die in front of my eyes I shouted at the top of my lungs "MADDIE!"

    Luckily, as I was running over there a car slowed and stopped right by her, got out and was about to figure out who it belonged to, I was relieved and I picked her up right away and took her home real quick.

    So, that was probably a jarring moment, because it was something I thought would be worse.

    oh, uh, one more!

    My family was having a reunion together at my uncle's house. Suddenly a neighbor said something about the cars in the parking lot being parked a certain way and needing to be moved, my family obliged and we're all about to go out to the front driveway to pull the cars out and repark. I was a kid at the time roaming the front parking lot at night, I noticed laying under the tire of my uncle's car, his cat Frosty. Knowing what was about to inevitably happen I told my Uncle and Frosty was moved and the cars moved out.

    It's such a miniscule moment and I don't think anyone but me remembered or gave much thought to it, but it's always occured to me at that moment and thereafter I was the only one aware he was under there, and had I not noticed , that night would have been the end. My Uncle especially would have been distraught. I saved his life that night.

    Frosty went on to live to be about 18 years old, before he became too old to function and we brought him to a vet one day to be euthanized. I remember looking up at the sky and seeing a white streak of cloud going horizontally across the entire sky, I know It's likely from an airplane but now when I see it, I perceive it as if a soul is moving on from this life.
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    When I was 7 years old, I actually managed to climb out of a second-story window in my house. Not kidding! But, then I realized I was locked out of the house...
  4. Yakamaru

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    Hmm.. Story? My existance is the best true story. And a funny as fuck one at that. Will edit in an actual story at some point later today.
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    Kinda reminds me of a time when I was in 3rd grade we all lined up in our classes after morning recess then found that 1 2nd grader was missing. Yeah... We all turned around and saw their head stick between the bars of the little bridge that connected the two playground towers. They needed a lot of butter to get her out xD
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    I've got lots,but this one sticks out so I'll tell it.

    About 6 years ago I was going outside to flip a steak on the BBQ with metal tongs,it was raining slightly but there was no thunder/lighting during the storm so I wasn't really concerned.
    When I went to the BBQ with tongs in hand as soon as I touched the BBQ handle I blacked out..Seconds later I was on my knees facing the opposite direction looking up at a tree watching the last part of a lighting strike hitting the tree 15ft behind me..The sound was deafening,but what was even crazier was watching what a lighting bolt can do to a tree with bark being stripped off and sparks going everywhere...

    Turns out the lighting hit the tree and V'ed out and struck both my neighbors houses beside me frying everything that was plugged into their wall.
    Both had to claim insurance for it,furnace fried,washer/dryer,tv everything..

    To this day I don't have a reasonable explanation as to how I blacked out,turned around while blacked out,and was able to see the last part of the strike and still be alive while holding metal tongs...lol
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    Haha! I did that a lot as a kid, but mine was the opposite. I was often locked out of the house as a kid, sometimes because my parents didn't come home first and we neglected to have our own house key for awhile, sometimes we'd hang around outside, or I'd be clever and sneaky, (if the gate was locked) my brother would help me jump the fence by me getting on his shoulders and going over, and from there I'd break into a bathroom window, usually with a ledge to get a bit higher (our house was always one story though so not too impressive)

    ...probably my most notorious break in was when my parents owned a trailer that was in the side of our backyard, my uncle lived there but ended up moving. We kept it for a bit longer and my brother and I would hang out in it playing on the internet on the computers inside. My parents eventually would keep us from going and locked it.

    But me, as a sneaky kid, found a way to break in. Thing is, trailers have different windows, the don't open vertically, they swing out horizontally (Like this [​IMG] ), except ours BARELY opened, it was only a few inches or so. It took a lot of squeezing in, I even stole some butter from the kitchen and coated my sides and arms in it for extra slip, I turned my head sideways and pulled myself up into the window, using a ledge, and voila, I was in! Free computer room for days!

    My brother and I would often fake having school days when we were actually off from school too so we often made plans to pretend to go in the morning like normal but instead hang out somewhere secretly like in our clubhouse for the entire day until it was time to go home like school was over.
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    When I was younger, maybe about 10 years old, I had a large tank of fish. There were maybe 50 or so, about 6 different species, at least from what I can remember. Because it was placed right near the entrance of the house, we had decorated the tank with colorful rocks, plants, figurines, and even one of those mini bubble volcano things! Unfortunately, with these decorations came demise. One of the bigger fish we had got caught in the volcano, trapping it for god knows how long. We didn't exactly notice, for I was a 10 year old without a fuck to give, and my dad just had better things to take care of.

    Later, we'd found it hanging halfway out of the miniature volcano, fins mangled, eyes dead, color drained from it's body! (At least that's how I remembered it, but fuck if I know. I was ten. I'm only 100% sure it had absolutely destroyed fins.) My dad ended up fishing it out, my little sister and I screaming in disgust the entire time. That's a pretty solid memory I've got stored in the front of my mind. God knows why my brain prioritizes that over the name of my own mother, but yknow, shit happens.

    TL;DR, my fish died. Lmao.
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    that tl'dr tho xD
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    My story is a bit more spookie than all yours' lol

    When I was around the age of 9 or 10, I was living in Germany. I really loved it there but the house was strange. I usually heard strange noises while on the 3rd floor coming from the bottom floor. One day in particular though, nothing special happened. Went to bed and all that; so normal it couldn't get more normal. But that's until I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee. My bed was supposed pressed against the wall so there were no space left between the right and back sides and for some reason, when I got up to pee, I put my legs over the right side. Confused for a moment, took me about 2 seconds to realize that there was no way i could do that since there was no room for my feet to go over that way. I panicked and started thinking "Maybe I swung around in my bed? I do toss and turn a lot...?" I then continued but there was a wall about 2 feet from my bed. I still had to pee, no matter how confused and scared, so I tried again on the left side where the open room would be. Nothing but cold plaster pressed against the bed. I started to cope with the experience by saying i'm like a mime doing that box thing. Last option was the foot of the bed and when I tried that, the wall was pressed against it. To this day I don't know what happened but I could feel EVERYTHING so I don't think it wasn't a dream. I even slapped my face and pinched my arm and felt all that but nothing changed. After I coped with the fact that I wasn't going to be peeing, I just went back to sleep, still having to pee... but that year really had its number of strange experiences.

    Another one was just a few days after that during a class in 4th grade. I don't know what exactly happened but after recess, everybody in my class accused me of cursing out and threatening almost everyone else in the class. (I learned some new swear words that day lol). Even looking back, I remember nothing of the recess so who knows, maybe i was possessed or something spooky like that, if you believe that stuff. Meh, at least I was never punished for that since there was no concrete evidence including no possible memory of me doing that.
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    I used to sneak out of my parents house and to sneak back in without getting caught I had to find a way to keep the dog preoccupied long enough so he wouldn't make noise. Best way I discovered was to take a jar of peanut butter with me and when I got back home toss it into the window of my room and dog would go for that and not bark. I never once got caught sneaking out/in to the house however, I once overheard my mother mention to someone that one of her sons had a strange obsession with peanut butter and she was concerned that this could be some kind of weird sexual fetish.
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    once i ordered a Mariana pizza and it just had prawns and cheese

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